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A Candle Named Teacher..💖

To all the lovely teachers out there..

You were always there for us whenever we needed you…

Dedicated to the most wonderful beings on Earth..#Dedication from all the peeps😁

Sharing knowledge, showering love and caring for us.

Taking a hand,opening a mind,touching thousand hearts.

Burning themselves like a candle.

Lightening us , sharing happiness,

Giving enlightment, Enriching lives.

Making us good,

Then making us better,

And does not rest,

Until we become the best.

Giving blessings,    

Fulfilling our ambitions,

Encouraging us always when we need.

Such a guiding light,

From whom we learn to fight,

In every step of our life,

They are the gift of life.

They are our lovely teachers who are so nice! 
Composed in class IV..But I guess feelings matter more than words…😄😄

Every day #Happy Teacher’s Day



Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

14 thoughts on “A Candle Named Teacher..💖

  1. Haha.. I feel lionized😂.Thank you Rida.. 😍. Enlighten me on this.. i feel I’m too naive for what you’re suggesting. 😁LoL!! You would be done and i would be pretty much into my Exam!(already I’m)! 😋

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      1. Yeah it will be exciting..😊. But Thank you Rida.. for putting your faith in me at this nascent stage.Appreciate it..😍.I will contact you and we will certainly make it happen😉. As for my exam,i am ardently into CSE,so you might be knowing the stretch.Thank you so much dear.. Love ya!!💞


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