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The Shadow Has Passed

​Why me!! 

There must have been this instance in our life where we must have shouted these words.

In a world booming with people why God chose only us to cater to any unfortunate incident.                         Well this piece could throw some light on the most asked question of this world.

Time passes by,the healing takes place

Its all in the mind,that nothing goes in vain

All that has passed just like the falling rain

The rain has washed all the strain

Nothing could be achieved ,

till you get through darkness

its in our heart,

how to tackle the pain
Till the dark clouds don’t cover the sky

There is no sight of rain

There is storm,there is dust

There are slivers of grass and some rust

But with all this past,comes a time

When you see the droplets coming down

And wash away all the fright

Prevails his calming might.
As the thunder stops and the clouds vanish

The rain has brought relief down acting  like garnish

They were aghast,with water in their eyes

So they troubled us with their true lies
But no one is pristine

Nor anyone is baying for blood

This is life and it goes by

It’s a reverie,everyone is parched

Time passes by the healing takes place

Don’t know who will next starve.

I used to know somebody like this. She had all the bounties of life anyone can ask for.A pure hearted person who wanted to change the lives of the people..the people who were struggling in their own way.

She wanted to be a spark..a spark of change and optimism.However,a person can bring upon a revolution when in itself he or she is a blast of the spirit of renaissance.She was tangled in her own lost thoughts and was deeply worried about the world’s perspective. Every little bit of life had made way into the deepest and darkest chambers of pessism.

That feeling of being savaged was worst.Giving burning vibes , people  were eventually being driven away from her.Things became more terrible and her life made her mysteriously chaotic.

When she was asked to pen down the problems she faced in life , she had filled pages with not even leaving a bit of negative space and even covering up the margins.
Her worries..well it ranged from how the world is going bad day by day and what is the darkest feeling of sheer guilt when you hurt your people around.“Hey,its sort of…umm..I have an identity crisis”,she pondered.     The world thought her to be the one who was always hopping with joy,but underneath that mask was a withered being …all coy.

When she sat down to write about the blessings of life,it was one of the most difficult moments of her life.She couldn’t even manage to write up to even half a page.“What a meagre amount of bliss I have”,saying this , she went into her predator’s lap..the darkest of all..depression.

However just days back she had won accolades , earned a good reputation from the people around and had become the most sought after choice for anything which needed talent at its best.

What’s more …she had been blessed with the most supportive of family members who actually listened to her,bravely facing the fumes of the volcano of negativity.                         She was  always the one who never tended to the brighter things of life.All sorts of advice and suggestions poured all her way. Everybody can show the guiding light but it lies on the person to follow it.It was all a game of perspective.She delved deep into the most deepest chambers of life , where she was all lost in pursuit of transitory things of life and had not thanked her God for all the blessings of life.

“The world is the wildest amalgamation of traits.I can help you in walking through the most dangerous obstacles but it is you who has to come along the way on your own.
Stop drinking the poison yoir mind pours.Have faith in God and don’t be a part of problems of the people.Let them be a beautiful mess and you do your job everyday unapologetically.. barring all criticism.That’s a better way to bring upon a change by staying satisfied with your life and spreading the love” , said her mom in her most beautiful voice.She gave the biggest hug to her dreamer..Life is now changed completely for this girl.


Blow A Kiss and Fire A Gun..#.Lean On💞

#Spreadthelove #MerakiForever


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

41 thoughts on “The Shadow Has Passed

  1. Beautiful ,
    One should keep going in which he/she is dexter . And you are a good writter as well as you also have great imagination and thoughts , just allow them to flow . And achieve your goal …😊

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  2. A comment on the name Meraki…Thank you for explaining it so beautifully. There is a gorgeous little shop named Meraki nearby where I live in Johannesburg. I didnt know what it meant till now, but now I see the connection.

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  3. Wow! The way you express your inner being through your words is truly amazing to say the least. The ideas you convey through your art are timeless and will bless the hearts and souls of many beings for a long time to come. Thank you for sharing your art. You are a very talented being, don’t ever stop writing!!! Our society needs deep feeling and thinking people who aren’t afraid to express themselves.

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      1. The least I can do is relay how your words made me feel. Thanks again to you for sharing. I can feel your soul through your words. Great connecting on that level, hope read more. If you can, could you check out my art, and let me know what you think? I wish you many blessings!! 🙂

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  4. This is such a powerful post. While trying to make the world better be thankful for the blessings in your life. Be contented and remember to take care of yourself. And seriously no one can solve all of the world’s problems only God can.

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