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That Unimaginable Hero🔥

Greetings Of The Day Folks…

First of all , I give all you guys the warmest ‘Thank You’ hug as Meraki Forever has crossed over 350+ views all over the globe in such a  short span of time.🙌

Slices of life have always caught up well with me.This time too , it’s one of my heart warming experiences which is sort of a renaissance I guess.

We all love catching up with action flicks.From the beginning of her childhood , she was always awestruck by those reel heroes doing daredevil jumps , action packed fights and his conquering fisticuffs through which he vanquished the antagonist. 

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She always saw these heroes with much amazement. Here she saw on screen , a human who had the powers of handling every situation with ease , coming at the right time and the perfect venue to rescue the damsel in distress.                                                   He could manage to measure heights of infinite length and everything , to conclude , would go in his favour.

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He had the greatest strength , was the most brainy and would woo the girl he wished for , with no efforts , and had his heroine in his arms.

Any genre of movie had not made her feel that inferior than action packed hits.When she was small , she couldn’t feel more inferior. 

Here was this guy , who was having such immense power , throwing goons around , and changing the world with his might.On a stark opposite note , here was this skinny girl who  felt a great deal even in carrying polythenes of about a pound of potatoes! How she is going to be even an epitome of particle of this hero?

“When I will be powerful like this hero , Mamma?” 

She asked with a sense of despair and a faded ray of hope.

Recently , she saw this Indian blockbuster ” Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion ” which had inched towards 1500 crores mark worldwide.

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She was in a dream by seeing the terrific graphics and the hero’s antics.The film portrayed the values that should be reflected by the greatest ruler.

This time she didn’t find herself powerless in front of this action blockbuster’s hero.She was still having this slender arms who could possibly not root out the evil men prevailing in society. 

She loved the hero’s performance not because of his daring might but how he stood for his people and the way he won his lady. He had his power which he used with great responsibility . 

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He threw the bad people with his muscular arms but his gallantry made him apart from other action heroes.She didn’t feel inferior.She pondered 

“I will also be like this hero..full of respect for HER”

That Muscular Arms Don’t Define Those Heroic Acts … Those Actions Does …..


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

40 thoughts on “That Unimaginable Hero🔥

  1. I can really relay to that. The showy themes, extravagant use of strength and unquestionable command of power being depicted in movies with little or no importance accorded to its moral teachings to the society baffles me….they sure do have their psychological impacts on earthlings as you’ve shown.
    I often crave more of intellectual depictions, tactical combats, chivalrous representations and proverbial prowess in movies. These things thrill me… Other than those, every other trick can join my collection of animations for the impossibles..

    Nice piece…

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