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The Known Secret….

Hey… What’s that SECRET?!?!….

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I always wake up, before the sun ascends above the horizon.

Because I just love to see the, rising sun 

Which symbolizes the new foundation.

But, the serenity doesn’t last long.

 Stuck in the age, where a new day is not a song.

The honking and bustling are the new wake-up sounds

 Rather than the chirps of birds flying around.
  Living in a concrete jungle

 Running in a rat race

Are busy bees solving the life’s maze

Wants to have the wisdom of an owl,

 Lion’s pride and power and his fierce growl

Want to be precious and have wealth

 Want to have all the qualities

Under the belt.

I am a inhabitant here in this jungle.
When I was in kindergarten, 

I always remember myself watering the garden 

With the water left in my bottle.

I didn’t even had this frame of mind 

Those small deeds can help conservation unwind

The thoughts of conservation was instilled

 In the chambers of my mind and heart from my kin 

And now I understand its significance.
I believe childhood is the golden epoch

 Where ethical education masters the human oak

 Seeds need to be sown at the roots of life

 To have the fruit of achievement and end strife


Nature has always blessed us with divine love 

 And we have disrespected her in return 

Only to shove her love

We are no one who can even think of destroying environment,

 But are disregarding Earth by being self-centered.

It is time we need regard for the revered.

The concrete solution can be done 

Only until this aim is reached 

Otherwise no form of learning 

Can enlighten the budding seeds,

Plagued and compounded by the ignorance of basic awareness,

 Today’s earthlings need to live in the conscience

 And unearth the asset to overcome unrest 

Being a part of this interlude

 Became significant for me 

As it portrayed the future of us.
We have harnessed the era 

And have become so obsessed with the aura.

 I feel education has ability 

That can help perceive the truth 

By diminishing the myth

 Which paves way for a better fruit. 

We could take advantage of modern technological growth 

And clear misconceptions regarding the modern node.
Still what do we need?

 Unbiased education, I guess, is the need

To be tolerant and united which will work 

To preserve ethnic diversity,

 Promote moral principles without lurk,
 Literacy addresses nearly every social issue

Now is the time that we learn with supportive hues

It’ll help encourage universal respect for

 Justice, laws, human rights, and vanish the blues. 
On a local and global scale

Education is synonymous with grades and competition.

Students have a hectic schedule 

Where balancing studies with activities is a herculean task! 
But, books only don’t teach us the world

 Because true education lies in the old’s shelters

There is always a light of guidance from our elders.

It should be taken seriously to avoid blunders.
All of us wish to be an inspiration

God has blessed us with the weapon of education 

Through which we can transform 

And lead ourselves towards transformation.

Education is an humanitarian act.

It is against all wars and malicious tact

I look forward myself as a quintessence of egalitarianism 

As the one who promotes education as a necessity of life

And urge you to be a part of it

And be the one

Who is willing to work for a better future to end the strife.



Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

41 thoughts on “The Known Secret….

  1. Reminds me of watching time lapse nature photography and being reminded of the life all around us that we are sometimes too busy to appreciate because it moves at a much slower pace than we generally comprehend. Great post. Keep it up!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. You write pretty awesome. I feel education has ability

    That can help perceive the truth

    By diminishing the myth

    Which paves way for a better fruit.
    and yes one pen, one notebook, one student and one techer can change the world.


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