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You are my learning❤

​If I am asked that what does nature teach me? My answer in a word would be-Everything.


From discoveries like falling of an apple on Newton, which made him discover gravity or the invention of the airplane by the Wright brothers , where they saw a bird flying high up in the sky, history is evidence that, in this classroom of world, Nature has always been the teacher and the mankind, her student.

I was sitting in my verandah staring at sky. It was covered with darkest of clouds. It felt that melancholy has prevailed.However; soon the droplets of rain showered and washed away the glumness. The thundering was soon stopped and the clouds vanished. The rain proved its might and brought down the rays of sunshine and gave birth to a rainbow epitomizing hues of triumph. Nothing in life could be achieved till you get through darkness. This is what Nature made me learn.

In this rat-race of life, humans may have tended to forget to connect to their power source. A plant has life instilled in it only till it is connected to its roots. Todays earthlings need to establish a deep connection with nature in order to understand the essence of life or else we are nothing but lifeless greedy humans.

Nature is like a mother, with a sterling heart, who blesses us with all the basic living needs.              Ages have passed and nature has always been the giver. From Stone Age, where humans used to hunt down animals for food to this date, where we have engulfed the forests in the inferno of desires to built settlements, nature has never made us feel that- we owe her a lot.

When I was small, I loved building blocks. However when the pieces didnt fit in, I got irritated. My mother then, used to built all the blocks and I used to put the last piece and shriek-Yes, Ive done it!  Nature also does everything for us and leaves a bit of it to accomplish and conquer.      But, today we are thinking ourselves as most superior. 

However, a mother also needs to scold her child in order to rectify the mistakes. Natural disasters symbolize this fury of nature. To whatever heights we achieve, she makes us remember that our lives are frail and susceptible to the unknown dangers. Devastation couldnt be turned away by the civilized ones. With modern technology, Humans can make disasters abide, but not prevent entirely.

When rain occurs and fills inside the pores of soil, it provides groundwater which saves water for future use. She teaches the way of living life by planting the seeds of perseverance, just like the firmness of mountains and the flowing of streams which never stops. We should adopt the lessons for future by learning the value of saving and conservation.

 Ants and bees decipher the lost secret of discipline and immense hardwork in our lives. Everything they do, they do it together. Learning unity from them also comes important at this time when the nations are busy in fighting within themselves and are making humanity insignificant in this time of riots and attacks. We have to be united in order to conquer the circumstances.

In the night, the stage is set for the darkness, but nature takes us from the blanket of shadows to her lap of bright daylight.

The mud is seen as something dirty and something to wipe off. However, when the droplets of rain fall on it, this earthy smell known as petrichor arises which changes our mindset regarding the dirt and makes it suitable for incense sticks and fragrance.

Nature has her own way of making everything beautiful. We too need to wet ourselves in the rain of awareness in order to spread the scent of love for nature.

All the advancements in the fields of life have taken inspiration from nature whether its the greatest literary work or the finest collection of poems because everything in the course of our life is natural, but this time we need to hold the finger of nature and pave way for a sustainable future and thank Mother in our own little way. 


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

85 thoughts on “You are my learning❤

  1. I am extremely encouraged that still there are people like you who are not only concerned about nature and the environment but also accept the fact that our lives depend on nature every minute that we live. I only hope that slowly the majority will also share your view as I do. Delighted to have read this.

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post. It reminded me of why I make sure my family spends at least one day a week outside together (pending weather) taking a hike. We get so caught up working, going to doctor appointments, networking, and just living, we forget to breathe in nature. 🙂

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  3. This is a really important piece of writing as you very clearly express concern for the deep connection to nature that we as a human species need to have to prevent more destruction of our beautiful and life giving planet. My novel is also about the connection we have lost but seen from the point of view of the natural world.

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