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Versatile Blogger Award#1


  I loved the video…Check it out❤❤

A much needed one in today’s generation. #needofthehour #spreadthelove

       🌸Versatile Blogger Award 🌸

I was nominated by my very favourite blogger Jack of All Trades…His posts are good just beyond words and he surely deserves your visit at his blog-

                 It’s great to have an award for your versatility❤                  


    My Nominees  –

  • Floatinggold
  • Aphorisms
  • Cassandric
  • My journey; My Path
  • Campogeno
  • Fractured faith blog
  • On a mission
  • Radhikasreflection
  • Thechatterblog
  • Middleme
  • Laila Nasheeba
  • Teleportingweena

Remember, trees change their leaves, not their roots.​
Share your facts and answer the thought on the above line!!

Something about your very own

Rida Yumn Ahmed…

  • I am a high school student.I am a studious gal and a book worm.Books are my love..Singing is my soul.
  • Technology ,Science, And Computers make me go waka-waka.I love theatre,acting’s my love.I love anchoring/compering functions.. Podium is my hideout !!!
  • I am learning Bengali.I love languages.I am a die hard patriotic.. (It’s just another fact)
  • I am a very loyal person but haven’t got a true mind blowing friend.I want to be involved in social activities. Social problems bring tears to my eyes.I am very attached to whatever is linked up with me..people..things..issues..Damn everything..
  • I love speaking.. Talking to people..sharing intellectual talks…and I love food.I love to gobble up cream corn a lot!!
  • I am always the ‘not the typical teenager and not in the group’ girl because of personality differences around me.But, I am definitely not boring if you have got class.
  • I hate discrimination. I believe when all of us are united,we are gonna rock the world.I believe in unity and freedom and I see a person irrespective of the differences we share,be it caste,creed,nationality,orientation anything..It’s his heart that matters.
  • I am a music lover.. Any type of song strikes a chord with me.Love the radio.I love art..I mean I am creating interest there,man.I believe variety is the spice of life. I love trying different outfits,accessories, footwear, make-up,genres of music / books / movies / series !!!

Wish I could write more…but only few are allowed..(around 7/8 as per rules) Go one and spread the love..Answer the question and share ’bout yourself ❤

Meraki Forever


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

18 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award#1

  1. wow.. some day I want to get a point where I will be nominated for any of these awards. It’s a long way till I get there but I’ll stick with it. So nice to meet you again and get to know you girl. May Allah swt bless you and help you in your fabulous journey. GOOD LUCK. 🙂

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