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Mystery Blogger Award#2

So…It has been a very beautiful journey till date at Meraki Forever.All the love is just so unconditional..

An award marathon….

…oh yes..these were the nominations I’ve been nominated for..from ages..and as my exams were going ..I wasn’t able to publish them.I published them at one go..because every person’s nomination is very special..Thank you guys..You are the best..

  it’s my regard and my honour.. That my readers feel worthy enough to think of me as an award receiver and I extend my love towards them by showing to the world how much we admire each other’s works.

It’s just an appreciation..  I guess even all of you feel the same that these awards make us going and motivate new and young bloggers like me..don’t you?

another award.. 😁

I am like just very very grateful to my dearest Shreya Jindal..She’s a beautiful blogger.I am so happy to find a blogger who understands me and makes me going..

Mystery blogger award:-

1.What do you enjoy most about blogging?

We get to know each other.. And we are not judging each other by differences..but are united as a blogging community.

2. How often do u blog?

It actually varies.I get to schedule my posts and the year ahead is gonna be very busy.

3. Do u have a favorite book?

Girl Missing-Tess Gerritsen

The Room On The Roof- Ruskin Bond

4. If u had the ability to change the world what would you do?

I would change myself.. For the better..people would get to know a good image of the things I belong to which will affect the surroundings..a..lot.I guess.

Nominees are:-

  • Ayush Anand
  • Kasapcostu
  • Daneelyunus
  • Areebaflaunts
  • righteousbruin9

Do notify me when you are done with answering the questions.


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

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