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Home..My Favourite Song❤

Home – Gabrielle Aplin


Gabrielle Aplin is a singer/songwriter from Bath. Her fame came about after releasing her cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Power Of Love” which was featured in the highly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert. She has released two albums (“English Rain” & “Light Up the Dark” which have both hit the charts with “English Rain” peaking at number 2 in the UK top 40 album charts. [2] The song featured on one of her earlier EPs, “Home”.

John Lewis Christmas advert 2012 featuring Gabrielle Aplin singing Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Power of Love” (honestly I know its early and not especially relevant but I’m feeling festive and whats not to love about this advert or song or singer) [3]


NOTES abd ting 1NOTES abd ting 2


The key is in B minor. I think the choice of the tonality of the song give it an uplifting tone that is powerful and moving. Throughout the song the melody continues to rise and fall. Between each of the verses, the melody minutely varies but not often. Furthermore, the chorus’ also have a melody line that doesn’t seem to drastically change. The uplifting melody and chords, reflects the tone of the song that discusses the bitter sweetness of growing up, moving on and missing home.



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