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Catharsis 2k18 (Part-5)

This is a poster which roars strongly against Child Abuse..

So here..I am today sharing my latest artworks to commemorate the farewell of Catharsis 2k18..

A random nature study..


Now..this is a hologram..which is very easy to make..Here are the steps..Its a good thing to make and I find it awesome 👇
I have started living life by my own standards and I want to start a new and fresh journey.. I hope it to be the best one and this young child here is asking you all for your best wishes here..I love you all..You all have been my constant support in the darkest days and I feel good to share the happiness with you❤ 

You can fetch hologram videos from YouTube. Take my suggestion.. Try out the plasma one(holosgramma)!!It’s terrific.. I must say


Love ya All

Meraki Forever 


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

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