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No One Knows….

Now..this is a piece written by the most revered person I have met in my life..the one and only – 

Anirudh Saxena❤

It is truly my privilege that I got his poetry in my blog..It is my tribute to him by publishing his poetry❤

                NO ONE KNOWS!!

The world in which smiles are fake,

Admiration is expressed by 

A like on social page,

Grades are driving our mind,

No one is forgiving,

Yes we are living!!!

Vengeance is everyone’s desire.

Conceit is spreading like a forest fire

Life is no morw

Than An Updated Profile

We are unable to spare a while

Running to trace the footprints

Of what no one knows…

Entered into a dark room

When to leave, No one knows….

Leading an undestined way….

Where we are going….

No one knows…..

For Collaboration-


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

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