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We,The Conquerors Of Misery

It is my latest piece to be published in the school newsletter. Check it out❤

So,let’s face it.How many of us have said,just 5 minutes more”!

How much these ‘5 minutes” last,say an hour,a day or ages! I recently stumbled upon the news of the British International Development Minister, Michael Bates,who resigned.Well,what is unique is that he was just a couple of minutes late to his office! Anyone of us who ever arrived lare , an apology will usually suffice but for him, it was a dishonor. 

What’s more astonishing in Japan is that all workplaces and school are very strict about the arrival time.It’s such a brouhaha that if a train is delayed there, a train delay certificate is issued that a passenger wasn’t late due to his fault as the population relies on public transport.

These cases strike my head where all of us have been a victim of time mismanagement. It takes a strong willed mind to understand the importance of time, which no person or writing can make you feel.

Yes! You are the conqueror of misery!!!

The video below is where Michael Bates resigns👇👇👇👇👇👇


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

5 thoughts on “We,The Conquerors Of Misery

  1. You are right. we face this problem even here in India. People never come on time especially in government instiutions.


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