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No Inhibition

This is such a warm support from all of you…COLLAB-A-THON is gaining so much love….

Collaboration Welcome


So…I have recently collaborated with jiyaraobreeze @ J Raouf . Do checkout her blog.She is like a breath of fresh air and is one of the most optimistic and encouraging person I have ever encountered in my life.
The thoughts below are expressed by both Jiya and Rida.

       Concern on Mental Health and                Taboos relating with it.

I discussed with Jiya that how mental health issues are not discussed socially and in many countries…it is perceived that only a mentally retarded person goes to a psychologist.

I was planning to do something with Jiya related to mental health issues especially regarding teenagers..

It is not a shame if you are suffering from depression or mental health issues…we all have gone through it…You..Me..Everyone!
It is high time that people give attention to the health if our minds.

In India, every hour, a student does suicide because of pressure of studies or poor academic result.


Jiya Speaks

“This is a great idea and of course, I also think that there are other bullying issues that are hidden for example covert racism. I was thinking we could bring in people from the BAME community (minority ethnic groups) and they could share their feelings about bullying too! 

I’ve been through bullying at school, been through racism and also “othering.” In high school, I experienced a lot of bad friends and they would stir up rumours and I’d end up having a physical fight with someone. There were teachers that just walked on by and nothing was done about it. The problem is that there aren’t enough ethnic teachers who understand.

It’s more of an issue in a school where most teachers are not from minority backgrounds. If I were to raise awareness about anything it would be that there needs to be more done to include kids from ethnic backgrounds. But I’m glad to see that you’re bringing awareness about bullying. 
We also need to think about the counselors and whether they get what their students are going through” 🙂

Due to stigma, people are often reluctant to seek help at their counseling center.
When we people will openly express their emotions, other teenagers and folks are likelier to do the same. This decreases stigma and makes  others in need more likely to seek counseling.

Come forward and say…

Do check this video by WHO




Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

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