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It’s been ages since I’ve posted on Meraki Forever. I apologize and I deeply regret that I don’t have a satisfying excuse for my Merakians for not being alive here..

My mail and chats were flooded with concerns over why I wasn’t writing anything.. And I didn’t have an answer to any of that.

Being a sophomore isn’t a herculean task but yes I can say..It’s quite life changing.

I was connected with you all by reading the posts everyday on my mail..but I haven’t shown my presence.

Spread the love folks..we really need that.. I’ve many experiences to share..I’ve my half yearly examinations coming up..Time is really passing by way too quick..

Earlier I was apprehensive about time going by so fast..I am now happy.. At least it gives you the hope for everything better and a sense of reality coming up to you.. future of your dreams which you can live..

Remember me right?

I am not easily forgettable🔥

Rida Yumn Ahmed®


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

8 thoughts on “Alive…

  1. I know juggling between being a student and writing is very hectic, especially with CATs and exams breathing over your neck, but you should make a point of making an appearance at least once in a week ….otherwise, all the best in your exams

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