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STEM U Mentoring Program

Hola Everyone!

STEM sounds really fun and being a part of The Junior Academy has certainly made me evolve into some thing better.

I have made friends across the globe and interacting with them has made me experience the uniqueness of this world from the comfort of my home!!

Now, I am also a part of this STEM U programme and have become a mentee and I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity for students interested in STEM to participate in a free, online program run by our team here at the New York Academy of Sciences. The program is called STEM U Mentoring and is sponsored by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), one of the world’s top technology companies. 

By participating in STEM U Mentoring you will:

  • Be paired with a talented mentor who currently works in a STEM field, and who will offer one-to-one coaching and advice
  • Be part of a global network of peers who are highly motivated and share similar interests
  • Get access to online activities that will help you develop the 21st-century skills you need to be successful in the workplace
  • Help your resume to stand out by being part of a program run through the New York Academy of Sciences– one of the oldest and most well respected scientific societies in the US

STEM U: Click Here to Apply! 

Please use the partner code”Junior Academy” when submitting your application. 

Contact me anytime at-

I believe the young generation can do a renaissance…..all for a better future.

Come..let’s take the lead!

With Love


If you have questions about the program, contact:

Adrienne Umali, STEM U Program Manager, at




Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

6 thoughts on “STEM U Mentoring Program

  1. Hey Rida! I’m Arundhati, a fellow member of The Junior Academy(2016 onwards) and a Bicentennial ambassador for the year 2017! Check out my blog, and I would love to converse with you on STEM topics!

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