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The Search Ends

In the beginning of days
Awakening from the shambles,he lays
In the search of the elixir
And now came this time
Of the closure.

A realisation of reality
The truth which can never be forgotten
Like the petrichor in its utmost purity
He finally abandoned the wagon

The tale starts here..

There is one thing,one thing
In everyone’s life, which can sting
A piece of puzzle required to complete
And to give the polish to the jewels, make them neat

He had delved deep, really deep
Into the deepest chambers, every corner adorned with his peep
Lost in the lines, without which are useless these fingers

When you swim through the water
He pondered with his glistening stones
All he could see was an otter
A curious combination of earth and water ,he moans

Earth known for its stability and strength
He had found the piece,after going to this length
Water which is adjustable and changeable.
He completed his puzzle, and couldn’t believe all this could be attainable

The piece who’s search was from an age
He believed it was the blessing of a sage
Like the quasars, shone his visage
Unknown of the fact it was just a mirage

Was the piece, which was longed for
Really completing his circle of life
How come the piece has become an inferno
Now the otter was an object of abhor

Realisation was late,but not in vain
This pain made him gain
The awareness of the fact
That the last piece to the tract
Was nowhere,but in his heart

He realised the last piece
Was his end of search for the last piece
The realisation brought a scene in front of his eyes
Where he saw the fingers get adorned with the lines.

Awakening from the shambles,he lays
Not in the search of elixir
And now came this time of closure.


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

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