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Just Because…

A STEREOTYPE is a popular idea about a group of people.

Just Because poems should be personal and fight against
stereotypes you may have encountered personally or have seen.

It could have to do with gender, race,
height, background or anything else. Try to challenge the false ideas people might have about you.

Just because I’m a girl

Doesn’t mean I can’t lead

Doesn’t mean I need to be submissive

And doesn’t mean I need to change myself completely to prove my affection

Just because I’m vocal

Doesn’t mean I am stubborn

Doesn’t mean I am wild and reckless

And doesn’t mean I’m inherently a rebel

Just because I’m ambitious

Doesn’t mean I don’t have any emotions

Doesn’t mean I can’t be homely and adaptive

And doesn’t mean I don’t care about relationships

Why do people judge those
Who don’t follow the masses
Who take the path less travelled by..
Why can’t people accept that it’s okay not to follow societal norms
When will everybody unite and accept each other’s differences

When will be the dawn of a new era?


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

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