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One Lovely Blog Award

I extend my heartiest congratulations to

@timbushifamily for getting nominated and now send her love for nominating me.Her posts are wonderful to read.I am in love with her persona.When I come across God loving people , I feel that mankind still is….. ALIVE🔥

One lovely blog award, it’s a nice award platform where various bloggers are nominated and also nominate others for the purpose of encouraging each other and helping each other grow stronger in the blogging community.

7 important facts about me;

  • My  core thought is that  being a human first and fulfilling the main aim of existence… that is serving the world. It comes to me irrespective of any differences.
  • I believe we humans are the greatest weapons to bring peace in world and diminish all the barriers because God takes everyone as his children.
  •  I love reading novels and have a knack for oratory skills.
  • I believe WordPress has changed my life for forever. I am blessed to be a part of it.
  • I am part of Voice Of Youth , an online community by UNICEF. You could always check out my posts there which goes after a lot of judging and passing through various guidelines. I’ll be happy if you also join.
  • I have undergone such a life changing phase.I have started seeing good in every human being and look to God for everything and has turned a new leaf in my life.
  • I want to interact , develop and create my relations with lovely people around the globe so that we could create a better future and be world leaders….✌

My nominees

  1. Ismasaleem4360
  2. Daisy Maureen
  3. Chrysdiaryblog
  4. Iain Kelly
  5. Flightministries
  6. 2 gatherstones
  7. theblissfulword
  8. Orvillewrong @Dear Malkie
  9. essenceoftimeblog
  10. Ayush Anand
  11. Imaleobackoff
  12. R and D
  13. Melissalalondeblog
  14. Chris Jensen
  15. Chauani

Here are the rules for accepting this nomination. The nomination Rules are;

  • Mention who nominated you and thank the blogger for nominating you, Also link their blog
  • Add the one lovely blog award to your post.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate as many people as possible ( maximum of 15 nominees)

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Loads of Love…

Stay blessed and pray to God for peace around the world💞