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STEM U Mentoring Program

Hola Everyone!

STEM sounds really fun and being a part of The Junior Academy has certainly made me evolve into some thing better.

I have made friends across the globe and interacting with them has made me experience the uniqueness of this world from the comfort of my home!!

Now, I am also a part of this STEM U programme and have become a mentee and I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity for students interested in STEM to participate in a free, online program run by our team here at the New York Academy of Sciences. The program is called STEM U Mentoring and is sponsored by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), one of the world’s top technology companies. 

By participating in STEM U Mentoring you will:

  • Be paired with a talented mentor who currently works in a STEM field, and who will offer one-to-one coaching and advice
  • Be part of a global network of peers who are highly motivated and share similar interests
  • Get access to online activities that will help you develop the 21st-century skills you need to be successful in the workplace
  • Help your resume to stand out by being part of a program run through the New York Academy of Sciences– one of the oldest and most well respected scientific societies in the US

STEM U: Click Here to Apply! 

Please use the partner code”Junior Academy” when submitting your application. 

Contact me anytime at-

I believe the young generation can do a renaissance…..all for a better future.

Come..let’s take the lead!

With Love


If you have questions about the program, contact:

Adrienne Umali, STEM U Program Manager, at


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It’s been ages since I’ve posted on Meraki Forever. I apologize and I deeply regret that I don’t have a satisfying excuse for my Merakians for not being alive here..

My mail and chats were flooded with concerns over why I wasn’t writing anything.. And I didn’t have an answer to any of that.

Being a sophomore isn’t a herculean task but yes I can say..It’s quite life changing.

I was connected with you all by reading the posts everyday on my mail..but I haven’t shown my presence.

Spread the love folks..we really need that.. I’ve many experiences to share..I’ve my half yearly examinations coming up..Time is really passing by way too quick..

Earlier I was apprehensive about time going by so fast..I am now happy.. At least it gives you the hope for everything better and a sense of reality coming up to you.. future of your dreams which you can live..

Remember me right?

I am not easily forgettable🔥

Rida Yumn Ahmed®

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We,The Conquerors Of Misery

It is my latest piece to be published in the school newsletter. Check it out❤

So,let’s face it.How many of us have said,just 5 minutes more”!

How much these ‘5 minutes” last,say an hour,a day or ages! I recently stumbled upon the news of the British International Development Minister, Michael Bates,who resigned.Well,what is unique is that he was just a couple of minutes late to his office! Anyone of us who ever arrived lare , an apology will usually suffice but for him, it was a dishonor. 

What’s more astonishing in Japan is that all workplaces and school are very strict about the arrival time.It’s such a brouhaha that if a train is delayed there, a train delay certificate is issued that a passenger wasn’t late due to his fault as the population relies on public transport.

These cases strike my head where all of us have been a victim of time mismanagement. It takes a strong willed mind to understand the importance of time, which no person or writing can make you feel.

Yes! You are the conqueror of misery!!!

The video below is where Michael Bates resigns👇👇👇👇👇👇

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Rest In Alone

Collaborations/Guest Posts are welcome- Contact👇

Came across a dead twig

Separated from its roots

Death must have prevailed in it

Without any greater energy than in its roots

Poor twig,cut from its supreme power

Making its soul shriek,with the moan

It is gonna rest in alone

Will anybody remember its groan,

The pain,the suffering, it suffered

All its painful cries,when it was severed

Wandering in the air

Like a broken and battered soul.

Collaborations/Guest Posts are welcome- Contact👇

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COLLAB-A-THON   PART-2(Celebrating Womanhood)

Guest posts/Collaborations Welcome..



So in this post.. I’ve done collaboration with

(my constant support and a pillar of strength)

       ( My dearest friend and a wonderful blogger.)

Check out their blogs and flood it with likes/comments/shares!

         Celebrating Womenhood
          (Please Read Till The End)

Sharing A Real Life Story

– From J Raouf.

Her story is this that she was born in the UK and her parents were from Asia. 

The children had another way of life to her. At the age of 4, she started school and was embarrassed as her mother was very traditional and the kids were very western. it was a clash of cultures and she never could fit in, no matter how hard she tried. She just knew she was different to other kids. 

She suffered a lot of discrimination by being a girl from a different race and with a different culture.

As she became older the teachers became harsher even in primary school. A teacher didn’t believe her when she said that a boy had bullied her as the teacher thought that he was with the teacher most of the time.She was afraid of asking questions because the teachers were not understanding.

 In high school, even her own friends would turn against her in an attempt to ruin their own best friend and stir up fights.And the teachers did nothing about it. They only made the situation worse by not realising what was going on. 

In University, she was harassed by a man from back home who was previously engaged and a friend. Nothing was done about it, although he stalked her to her home. She told the University but they didn’t believe her, they thought it was normal.

 She thinks nowadays that this sexual harassment idea is getting out of control as people are coming out with stories that show that they have given consent. 

A large part of sexual harassment is unreported and the genuine cases usually go ignored.

Ayush Anand’s Views on 

#collab-a-thon(Celebrating Womenhood)

Collab-a-thon. Hmm.. that’s a great idea! This series by @Meraki Forever has made my ideas and thoughts to be more open. I would thank Rida for giving me such an opportunity to address one of a global problem. 

Well the problem…

From 2007 to 2012, only 30.8% of the speaking characters in the top 500 movies were women.

We are at a pivotal moment for women’s rights. The historical and structural inequalities that have allowed oppression and discrimination to flourish at being exposed like never before. It has unended traces, across the global film industry. 
Women’s empowerment is at the heart of 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. While facts don’t lie  about the discrimination women face in their work life, they are subject to harassment in most cases.

Global film industries including the Hollywood have been seen as the most civilised ones. Yet cases like Harvey Weinstein’s still exist. This gender gap in film industries har remained unchecked for about a decade. Women acting roles lie almost less than half that their men counterparts had. 

Women centric movies definitely need encouragement. For a movie isn’t complete until there’s a woman in it. Perhaps Disney understood the problem before the industry could and had a special series of ‘Disney princess’

 However, in many Television as well as theatre shows, men play their role as women !!. Ya.. That’s true…. no one can deny it. Rather gender  oppression and discrimination in movies must be denied. 

On this March 8, international women’s day, newspapers and magazines will have a whole cover full of about-women talks but everyone forgets it when a day or two passes ! And….

‘Women’ can do what ‘we men’ cannot do

~Ayush Anand

It was great to collaborate on such a sensitive topic with a boy too.

It’s like a breath of fresh air and a refreshing feeling when all of us irrespective of our differences unite together for an issue. It is high time that everyone came out of their closets and voiced their opinion for the equality of mankind and a safe environment for all. 
When more and more women will come out and break the shackles of the patriarch society and the orthodox diktats, more females will be encouraged to say No More.. #Time’s Up.

The #MeToo movement is now a wake up call for everyone. But , all those out there, should now fight against the violence and torments so that the next generation is not saying #MeToo.

Without HER..even a HERO is a 0. 

Then,what is the brouhaha about the machoism? Real men protect and treat equally their female counterparts. 

You are the change..Come out and be the change. Spread the idealism of  #Equal Rights.

When God had made no differences amongst us..then why we the society is making this heinous step?

Make it feel safe for a girl to walk around.. How will a person feel when it is followed/stared/teased/abused every single moment. Life becomes hell.

So…all the strong girls and ladies..and the most supportive boys and men there..

Let’s bring the change..

As Ayush’s blog says..

#Life needs a change

Check Oprah Winfrey’s Epic Speech At Golden Globe Awards👇👇👇👇

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No One Knows….

Now..this is a piece written by the most revered person I have met in my life..the one and only – 

Anirudh Saxena❤

It is truly my privilege that I got his poetry in my blog..It is my tribute to him by publishing his poetry❤

                NO ONE KNOWS!!

The world in which smiles are fake,

Admiration is expressed by 

A like on social page,

Grades are driving our mind,

No one is forgiving,

Yes we are living!!!

Vengeance is everyone’s desire.

Conceit is spreading like a forest fire

Life is no morw

Than An Updated Profile

We are unable to spare a while

Running to trace the footprints

Of what no one knows…

Entered into a dark room

When to leave, No one knows….

Leading an undestined way….

Where we are going….

No one knows…..

For Collaboration-

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So,what is that?!?! 

Well at Meraki is a marathon of collaborations.Come and get you and me collaborate to make an epoch-making post..and get to understand the world with our eyes❤


1)Follow my blog

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3) Mention if you are interested in poem,story,anecdotes, or just anything and the topic too.(In the       e-mail or in the comments section)

4) When it gets is published both on Meraki Forever and YOUR BLOG with the mentioning of-


Last date is -10 March 2018..Please do adhere by the date.

So,come along and make your voice hear.

Don’t forget your words can make a change..

Contact the next moment at-
#Put All Of You…That Is Meraki

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So..I am sharing my first ever collaboration with my one of the sweetest and dearest blogger Shreya Jindal as part of


Check out Shreya Jindal’s blog and follow..


Share her posts❤❤❤

We have exchanged questions between us which was Shreya’s idea to get ourselves knowing more of each other.A lot of e-mails and chats have finally given us this beautiful questionnaire❤❤

Rida’s Questions For Shreya❤

Q.1. Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

Hmm.. A long term though to think. And I really cannot guess.

Q.2. Which areas of interest do grab your attention? What is the profession you are going to pursue?

I want to master up in everything and I guess anything can grab my attention easily. Its the music, especially Sufi and Korean pop. Then comes dance, sports, a meeting with a well developed business personality or any other co-curriculars I might be unaware of.

Q.3. What you think about the pressure of exams on children/high expectations?

Hahaa. This is actually a question for our age group. Well next year board exams, it’s really over-pressurising to think of it. More than the child’s expectations itself, parents or the relatives repeatedly insist child to bring full marks ignoring the capability of the child which is even more pressurising.😅😂

Q.4. Your views on pop culture? Who you like the most?

Oh’ something which attracts me like flowers do to bees. Hahaa. I love pop endlessly. I love Korean pop groups or even individual singers do work like Jonghuyn, black queens, red velvet and I can go on endlessly. Some Sufi pops I love are Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ustaad Nazeer Ahmed Gustaki and again the list is endless.

Q.5. What are your thoughts on school life? Changes and challenges you have faced.

Ok, I always used to think that college is more interesting and hardly any pressure of exams but whenever I talk to my brother he  says that school life is the best part. Is it?

And somehow I realized this during the farewell of 10th grade bid by 9th grade students. They were crying horribly and now its hard to think how 11 years passed in this school with these mates.

As such if we talk about challenges school is all about facing challenges I guess. But that’s what makes us capable enough to face even more blasting-challenging life ahead. In nutshell I love school but do wait for the college.:P;-)🎒 🏫 ^_~

Shreya’s Questions For Rida ❤

Q6:- What is your biggest pet peeve?

I can see all the fakeness and I know the reality of a person.. And the rest of world’s like- “He’s a true gem!!” I don’t know why that happens.
2)People doing discrimination and backbiting. If you have the guts,say on the face darn!!

Q7:- Something about yourself and your birth place?

I am a high school student.Books are my love..Singing is my soul.

Technology ,Science, And Computers make me go waka-waka.I am a music lover

I love speaking.. Talking to people..sharing intellectual talks…and I love food.

As for my birthplace.. I consider it India and I can do anything for my nation.

Q8:- Night owl or an early bird?

I have always been an early bird.Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

I can wake up only till 12:00 a.m. if it is exam time.

Q8:- views on try friendship. Does it ever exist?

I don’t know about that and I am not the best person to answer that.Whenever I’ve been friends with anyone.. They have turned out to be the worst..nor I haven’t found anyone who is really a good friend.. It’s a complicated issue for me.

Q9:- The stream you are going to pursue after your 10th. If decided. Will you take what your parents pressurise you to or will you follow what your dreams demand?

My parents don’t pressurise me a bit.I am lucky in that part.I am gonna pursue whatever life holds for me..We should follow our dreams..Technology and Science are my preferred field❤❤

Q10:- Want to be a king of all trades or practice one thing professionally?

Look…now that is a professional question. Everyone pursues one profession only which is there to survive you.But,then there are no limitations of what you can explore in different spheres.I don’t want to keep my brain clogged with specific knowledge.. It is always open..and maybe I can use other talents to make something big in life.

Thank you so much Shreya…It was lovely to have a collaboration with you..I truly loved doing it with you.. checkout-

(If you too want a collaboration..)

Email at-

Or..write your email in the comments❤

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Catharsis 2k18 (Part-5)

This is a poster which roars strongly against Child Abuse..

So here..I am today sharing my latest artworks to commemorate the farewell of Catharsis 2k18..

A random nature study..


Now..this is a hologram..which is very easy to make..Here are the steps..Its a good thing to make and I find it awesome 👇
I have started living life by my own standards and I want to start a new and fresh journey.. I hope it to be the best one and this young child here is asking you all for your best wishes here..I love you all..You all have been my constant support in the darkest days and I feel good to share the happiness with you❤ 

You can fetch hologram videos from YouTube. Take my suggestion.. Try out the plasma one(holosgramma)!!It’s terrific.. I must say


Love ya All

Meraki Forever