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Rida Yumn Ahmed Girls In Science Ambassador For South Asia Speech at United Nations

#February11, 2021

Highness Princess Dr. Nisreen said, “Some people might think that me and my colleagues are dreamers. Well the International Day Of Women And Girls In Science was a dream: it started with an individual action that led to collective power being translated to have an exponential impact”.

I Rida Yumn Ahmed is honoured to share that I was selected as a speaker at the 6th International Day of
Women & Girls in Science Assembly with the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT) digital web-stream event at United Nations Headquarters,New York,USA.
The theme is “women scientists at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19”.
I spoke about the importance of ‘Science Diplomacy’ which is an interdisciplinary field of international relations and science that seeks to solve our global challenges and achieve sustainable development goals by collaboration across borders and between communities to maintain tranquility.
Being the Girls In Science Ambassador For South Asia and as a STEMinist, I think that more girls should be a part of STEM to close the gap.

I’ve been the part of the platform since October 2020 and during this tenure,it has been an incredible journey so far.
I attended the ‘International Day Of The Girl Child’ meeting and loved talking to inspiring women.
I moderated along with a few of my colleagues ,the panel with H.E. Helena Dalli, the European Commissioner of Equality, and learned more about Malta’s culture,sociology, art, and sustainable development ,the role of science in politics and the economy,women’s participation in politics and the importance of diplomacy.
I contributed to the #WritingBrailleInScience(In fulfillment of RASIT’s commitment to the 2030 Development Agenda, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the 6th Assembly featured for the first time “Our Blind Fellow Scientists”, through a High-level Panel titled “Writing Science in Braille”) and the #ValueVeda(teacher appreciation) initiative.
I’ve co-authored a chapter in the upcoming #February11 book on “Bridging The Digital Divide”(more details shortly).
I’m honoured to be a part of such a prestigious platform and I wish to deliver to the best of my capacities by spreading the word about the mission of Girls In Science and representing it’s values and foundation.

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Watch “Meet A Local | Rida from India” on YouTube

I was invited by Learn Around The World,a USA based non profit organization in partnership with Project Exchange to host a virtual field trip to India. It was a fun experience hosting it. Their mission is to promote global awareness and digital citizenship to students and the general public. They accomplish this by offering location-based programming streamed directly in the form of virtual field trips. It was a productive experience for the explorers as they learned about India and its beauty. Check it out here

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Just Because…

A STEREOTYPE is a popular idea about a group of people.

Just Because poems should be personal and fight against
stereotypes you may have encountered personally or have seen.

It could have to do with gender, race,
height, background or anything else. Try to challenge the false ideas people might have about you.

Just because I’m a girl

Doesn’t mean I can’t lead

Doesn’t mean I need to be submissive

And doesn’t mean I need to change myself completely to prove my affection

Just because I’m vocal

Doesn’t mean I am stubborn

Doesn’t mean I am wild and reckless

And doesn’t mean I’m inherently a rebel

Just because I’m ambitious

Doesn’t mean I don’t have any emotions

Doesn’t mean I can’t be homely and adaptive

And doesn’t mean I don’t care about relationships

Why do people judge those
Who don’t follow the masses
Who take the path less travelled by..
Why can’t people accept that it’s okay not to follow societal norms
When will everybody unite and accept each other’s differences

When will be the dawn of a new era?

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Liebster Award 2k17

Delving Deep I Am..And here goes my award..Honoured With Liebster Award…

I had been nominated for this award by a wonderful blogger who does not wished to be named.I would have loved to share about his blog to you all..but he believes that magic lies in anonymity and thats what I love about him. 

My nominees-

  • AyushPanwar
  • My Dear Rasgulla@Srijan Gupta
  • LostSoul-Brokenheartwrites
  • 💀
  • Festenstein
  • Indishe
  • Jayshree
  • Aakriti405
  • Supravat1955
  • Sulaiman Hafeez
  • Silly Shruti
  • Ayush Anand
  • Blogging_With_Bojana
  • Timbushifamilyblog
  • Restlessjo
  • Am breaking the rules and adding three of my dear ones.
  • Panchali Dass
  • Yoly
  • Lulu_Chan

 I’m really honored that he thought me eligible for the award.


  1. Answer the questions that were left for you
  2. Nominate your favourite new bloggers.(not more than 15!)
  3. Write 7 questions for them to answer.
  4. Add all the rules and be honest with your answers!

A.D’s Questions

1. What book are you reading now?

Its one of the most intriguing books I have come across by one of tye finest writers of India , Shobhaa Dé.

Its Superstar India-From Incredible To Unstoppable.

Its a wonderful read.You can checkout the review here by Goodreads👇

2. What reading has disturbed you?

Reading newspapers. They shake me from within. I read such unimaginable reports that I start being in a dilemma that does humanity exist ?

I am much happier when I better not go through them because I delve deep and inspiring news are very less in them.

3. What is your favourite way to read? Audiobook? eBook? Kindle? Hardcover? 

Its definitely a yes for Hardcover.. Old school but so own.

4. What is your favourite colour?

What significance does it hold for you?

I love all colours…

But Mauve leads the way.

Its mystic and its sensuous.I love the way it blooms with a sense of a beautiful secret .

5. Do you believe time is running fast?

We really don’t get it when, because it’s too fast! I have listened to many lectures saying that give time to yourself.

But, when I hear them say this, the first thought that travels to my heart

 is when will the time I will get to see at myself?

It’s quite astonishing, but still everyone’s time is scampering away from their lives. The time which could have been used for something better. We may be, at the back of our mind want to change ourselves but we aren’t able to because it’s now been a natural phenomena and we have become habitual to the wastage of time.We could not implement it in our lives. We are tangled in today’s fast world! 

6.What are your views on life?

“In the end, the years in your life do not count, but the life in the years count.” A very well and an absolutely true quotation; indeed by a very famous personality, Abraham Lincoln, the 13th President of U.S.A. But, we are totally going opposite to it.The people, they see the years, not that how they spend it. Even a life which may have expired young but has been  lived to the fullest , fulfilling that mission of being human is a life worth spent.It may be showered with obstacles, but in the end the human dies in peace and so rests in tranquility and who could be a better example than our very own Lady Diana , the lady who lived life to its true meaning. 

7.What do you think we should do to get out of this rat race in life?

So,  till now you may have got my point. The life shouldn’t be long, it should be big and to make it large…huge…Yes! The time should be utilized properly. With my observation, the best way to balance and equalize the time, meditation is very much important. It helps you to think much deeper. You just have to take some minutes of your day to do this and it will help you in the long run. If you will relax your mind, then it could enrich you automatically. It is even a very nice method to solve your problems and if you do this, you will find tour self delving deep into the innermost chambers of your heart and realizing the eternal self.Today everybody is in a rat race and it becomes really important at this juncture that we spend quality times with our near and dear ones.So respect time. Each moment of your precious life is priceless because if the time is wasted, then it would be like injuries to which we will have no other way then to succumb because the time has already gone! According to Hindu mythology ,it is said that after 84 lakh births as different species, life is attained. So it would be highly ridiculous to fritter away the precious time of one’s life in pursuit of transitory things of the world. So save time! Utilize the most of your life. Live every moment. Every second. This won’t come back again! Delve into your valued time. Because always remember ……..

‘Past is history,Tomorrow is a mystery

Present is the time going on,that is why it is known as PRESENT.(gift)!!



     My Questions.

  • What do you thinks a person with no friends should do  even if he had tried hard making them?                  
  • You are given a chance to spend a day with your muse.Who and Why?!
  • Your dream destination and with whom?
  • Your views on growing technology , growing boundaries.
  • Pressure makes a person better.For or Against?
  • How will you manage a person who is most irritating but still can’t be ignored.
  • Given a choice , which will you choose.(any 1)
  1. Blue Pill-Invisiblity
  2. Green Pill-Back into time
  3. Red Pill-Reading other’s mind
  4. Yellow Pill-Power Of Oblivating Memories Of People     
  5. Pink Pill- Power of Making a philter or say..a potion which makes the drinker fall in love with your aura            


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    God..I am Such A Small Thing

    Recently , the festival of lights ‘ Diwali’ was celebrated with much fervour in India.

    Those Lights..

    Although it brings along an aura of celebration with it but most of the hearts get disheartened by the thought of bursting of crackers which creates a lot of pollution. 

    But , the point starts that as the mankind is busy creating fuss for nature , we have really proved that how small and insignificant we are in front of nature….
    A recent sojourn actually gave this experience..

    When I was in the sky high above..Just thought how those big people seem so small here..
    Those waters shrieking how small are those distress in front of those huge tides…
    Can you differentiate? Here is the horizon claiming its calming might..

    The Setting Of The Sun From Above The Clouds Tells The Tale Of The Insignificance Of The Human Might..

    He Roars….#Cherished


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    That Unimaginable Hero🔥

    Greetings Of The Day Folks…

    First of all , I give all you guys the warmest ‘Thank You’ hug as Meraki Forever has crossed over 350+ views all over the globe in such a  short span of time.🙌

    Slices of life have always caught up well with me.This time too , it’s one of my heart warming experiences which is sort of a renaissance I guess.

    We all love catching up with action flicks.From the beginning of her childhood , she was always awestruck by those reel heroes doing daredevil jumps , action packed fights and his conquering fisticuffs through which he vanquished the antagonist. 

    Google Images

    She always saw these heroes with much amazement. Here she saw on screen , a human who had the powers of handling every situation with ease , coming at the right time and the perfect venue to rescue the damsel in distress.                                                   He could manage to measure heights of infinite length and everything , to conclude , would go in his favour.

    Google Images

    He had the greatest strength , was the most brainy and would woo the girl he wished for , with no efforts , and had his heroine in his arms.

    Any genre of movie had not made her feel that inferior than action packed hits.When she was small , she couldn’t feel more inferior. 

    Here was this guy , who was having such immense power , throwing goons around , and changing the world with his might.On a stark opposite note , here was this skinny girl who  felt a great deal even in carrying polythenes of about a pound of potatoes! How she is going to be even an epitome of particle of this hero?

    “When I will be powerful like this hero , Mamma?” 

    She asked with a sense of despair and a faded ray of hope.

    Recently , she saw this Indian blockbuster ” Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion ” which had inched towards 1500 crores mark worldwide.

    Google Images

    She was in a dream by seeing the terrific graphics and the hero’s antics.The film portrayed the values that should be reflected by the greatest ruler.

    This time she didn’t find herself powerless in front of this action blockbuster’s hero.She was still having this slender arms who could possibly not root out the evil men prevailing in society. 

    She loved the hero’s performance not because of his daring might but how he stood for his people and the way he won his lady. He had his power which he used with great responsibility . 

    Google Images

    He threw the bad people with his muscular arms but his gallantry made him apart from other action heroes.She didn’t feel inferior.She pondered 

    “I will also be like this hero..full of respect for HER”

    That Muscular Arms Don’t Define Those Heroic Acts … Those Actions Does …..

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    Hey…Are You Minerva?

    Greetings Of The Day…Folks.

    Cheers on the first month anniversary of Meraki Forever🎇🎊🎆

    The earlier post garnered much love although it was tad long😁This time it will be a poetry of words which would flow my feelings in rather less words.See👉

    Its my great privilege that as a student , I get to visit other organizations as a competitor in various competitions.

    Although everyone there wants to ace the competition but what comes more sizzling to me is the interaction with people who share their slice of life.They portray someone who is MINERVA ,the Goddess Of Wisdom.This time even my school’s exhibition is going to be named after her as it is based on the education system of the ages.

    I met a girl with a similar mindset like me.Let me share her account on the same.

    She recently went for a symposium where she secured the top position. However , what was more exciting for her was the communication among others.They were best in their fields and shared a great persona.She delved deep into their chambers..full of experiences and thrills whether they were lede(people) from her institution or the other.

    There was this girl, who was a  bright star,but unfortunately had to face some “loud” personalities who shadowed her presence.But, it didn’t affect her at all and she paved way for her own success.

    Two of the wonderful girls she met were a treat to talk to.One was a little reserved but gradually made her discover the deepest understanding of her surroundings and the other was a smart belle whom she had bumped into many times but this time managed to get the contact number of her. 

    A person whom she still can’t understand , having own philosphies , gave her a peek into a mind boggling experience.They were people who were always showering those sharpest of slivers all being drawn back by that shield of patience.

    There were also some folks whom she had been ignited by. She met a bubbly girl at heart , who showed a reflection of life , and shared her wish to go to Paris for a blissful moment of life which was quite cute to listen.

    Here was this guy who was a true wonder in every sphere but was always grounded to Earth and stood for everyone’s support.She admitted that it was truly a learning journey.

    This piece told by her brought me to a conclusion.

    They all were amalgamation of traits but what made them same was that they carried along with them , their own personalized form of wisdom. 

    So , I’ll end from where we started. That was all about Minerva.I believe she resided in every person the girl met.Minerva actually lives in all of us and so one has to grasp that perspective to get hold of MINERVA IN PEOPLE💖 

    Dedicated to amazing peeps.Find for your own😋


    #honey_bunny o_o



    #Scribbling_ Star

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    The Shadow Has Passed

    ​Why me!! 

    There must have been this instance in our life where we must have shouted these words.

    In a world booming with people why God chose only us to cater to any unfortunate incident.                         Well this piece could throw some light on the most asked question of this world.

    Time passes by,the healing takes place

    Its all in the mind,that nothing goes in vain

    All that has passed just like the falling rain

    The rain has washed all the strain

    Nothing could be achieved ,

    till you get through darkness

    its in our heart,

    how to tackle the pain
    Till the dark clouds don’t cover the sky

    There is no sight of rain

    There is storm,there is dust

    There are slivers of grass and some rust

    But with all this past,comes a time

    When you see the droplets coming down

    And wash away all the fright

    Prevails his calming might.
    As the thunder stops and the clouds vanish

    The rain has brought relief down acting  like garnish

    They were aghast,with water in their eyes

    So they troubled us with their true lies
    But no one is pristine

    Nor anyone is baying for blood

    This is life and it goes by

    It’s a reverie,everyone is parched

    Time passes by the healing takes place

    Don’t know who will next starve.

    I used to know somebody like this. She had all the bounties of life anyone can ask for.A pure hearted person who wanted to change the lives of the people..the people who were struggling in their own way.

    She wanted to be a spark..a spark of change and optimism.However,a person can bring upon a revolution when in itself he or she is a blast of the spirit of renaissance.She was tangled in her own lost thoughts and was deeply worried about the world’s perspective. Every little bit of life had made way into the deepest and darkest chambers of pessism.

    That feeling of being savaged was worst.Giving burning vibes , people  were eventually being driven away from her.Things became more terrible and her life made her mysteriously chaotic.

    When she was asked to pen down the problems she faced in life , she had filled pages with not even leaving a bit of negative space and even covering up the margins.
    Her worries..well it ranged from how the world is going bad day by day and what is the darkest feeling of sheer guilt when you hurt your people around.“Hey,its sort of…umm..I have an identity crisis”,she pondered.     The world thought her to be the one who was always hopping with joy,but underneath that mask was a withered being …all coy.

    When she sat down to write about the blessings of life,it was one of the most difficult moments of her life.She couldn’t even manage to write up to even half a page.“What a meagre amount of bliss I have”,saying this , she went into her predator’s lap..the darkest of all..depression.

    However just days back she had won accolades , earned a good reputation from the people around and had become the most sought after choice for anything which needed talent at its best.

    What’s more …she had been blessed with the most supportive of family members who actually listened to her,bravely facing the fumes of the volcano of negativity.                         She was  always the one who never tended to the brighter things of life.All sorts of advice and suggestions poured all her way. Everybody can show the guiding light but it lies on the person to follow it.It was all a game of perspective.She delved deep into the most deepest chambers of life , where she was all lost in pursuit of transitory things of life and had not thanked her God for all the blessings of life.

    “The world is the wildest amalgamation of traits.I can help you in walking through the most dangerous obstacles but it is you who has to come along the way on your own.
    Stop drinking the poison yoir mind pours.Have faith in God and don’t be a part of problems of the people.Let them be a beautiful mess and you do your job everyday unapologetically.. barring all criticism.That’s a better way to bring upon a change by staying satisfied with your life and spreading the love” , said her mom in her most beautiful voice.She gave the biggest hug to her dreamer..Life is now changed completely for this girl.


    Blow A Kiss and Fire A Gun..#.Lean On💞

    #Spreadthelove #MerakiForever

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    A Candle Named Teacher..💖

    To all the lovely teachers out there..

    You were always there for us whenever we needed you…

    Dedicated to the most wonderful beings on Earth..#Dedication from all the peeps😁

    Sharing knowledge, showering love and caring for us.

    Taking a hand,opening a mind,touching thousand hearts.

    Burning themselves like a candle.

    Lightening us , sharing happiness,

    Giving enlightment, Enriching lives.

    Making us good,

    Then making us better,

    And does not rest,

    Until we become the best.

    Giving blessings,    

    Fulfilling our ambitions,

    Encouraging us always when we need.

    Such a guiding light,

    From whom we learn to fight,

    In every step of our life,

    They are the gift of life.

    They are our lovely teachers who are so nice! 
    Composed in class IV..But I guess feelings matter more than words…😄😄

    Every day #Happy Teacher’s Day


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    Anguished Cries..

    A lot goes into the making of a conqueror.But are the hopes really worth it..

    • Catch up my latest poetry at Voices Of Youth @ an online platform by UNICEF

    Till last she was hooked

    At the end his look was crooked

    He laughed hearing their cries

    Their hopes melted like ice

    Nobody came to hear the cries

    Justice delayed was justice denied

    She pondered, was all this a hoax?The realities prevailing,Were just a mere poke

    On the bubble of reverie,

    To which she just awoke

    Swollened with anguish were her eyes

    Nobody came to hear the cries

    Justice delayed was justice denied

    The world was burning into flames

    Even the fittest turned into a lame

    Melancholy ruled over this place

    Everyone is lost in this race

    Nothing can suffice,Nobody came to hear the cries

    Justice delayed was justice denied

    His anger gutted the flames Intolerance were their surnames

    She gasped for life, Weeping to get out of strife

    He made humanity a sin

    Nothing was left to again begin

    They sucked the blood, somewhat like lice

    Nobody came to hear the cries

    Justice delayed was justice denied.

    The hell had already broke

    Having the devils soakIn the ashes of the burning oak

    The head came with a grinning smile

    And seeing the streams of blood, flowing like Nile

    He promised to send the miscreants to exile

    Turning back to go to his abode

    His eyes unwrapped themselves in a devilish mode

    The cries were unheard

    How could the reality be so blurred

    They were obeying the demon in disguise

    His deceit ruined their lives

    Nobody came to hear the cries

    Justice delayed was justice denied