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Global STEM Alliance

India is brimming with pride as Rida Yumn Ahmed of class XI-A of JKG International School got honoured by ‘The New York Academy Of Sciences’ by being bestowed with ‘Distinguished Student Award’ and also being invited for a Global STEM Alliance Summit which had students from 37 countries. Rida attended the three day Annual Global STEM Alliance (GSA) Summit, dedicated to building a global community of science and technology leaders at the headquarters of NYAS at World Trade Centre, New York. Rida networked amongst peers, mentors, and professionals and developed cross-cultural communication skills and interacted with STEM professionals from leading companies and universities. The agenda for the summit was as follows: Wednesday, July 24th Rida had the honour of meeting Mr.Ellis Rubenstein (President and CEO of NYAS) and Ms.Aissata Camara(Mayor’s office for international affairs) who focussed on the UN SDG’s. She attended a workshop on “Interface of science and policy” which had the following speakers: Mr. Donovan Guttieres, UN Major Group for Children & Youth Mr. Ricardo de Guimarães Pinto, Liaison Officer to the United Nations at UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Dr. Chantal Line Carpentier, Chief of UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) New York Office Dr. Teresa Stoepler, Executive Director of the InterAcademy Partnership (Policy) and Member of the Global Young Academy Later she explored neuroscience by using EEG to examine brainwaves by New York University hosted by NYU Brainwaves and met her mentors. Global STEM Alliance Summit Memories *Thursday, July 25th* Attended a workshop “Young Innovator in Science” by Dr. Shruti Naik,researcher in New York University. Went to Verizon’s 5G Lab to unlock new use cases and prototypes using 5G technology. (Amazing Experience) There was Film Screening of ‘Madam Mars’, a project that reframes the story of space exploration as a feminist issue, Followed by a Q&A with Writer and Director, Jan Millsapps, Ph.D In the GSA Open House and Evening Reception,met professionals from across the world. There was also a keynote by Kathryn Harrison, Founder and CEO of Stealth Startup (Again damn Amazing.. Blockchain..ILoveYou) *Friday, July 26th* Keynote Presentation: Ms. MiMi Aung from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory who led the team to do the first ever flight demonstration at Mars. Rida has also met Nick Donofrio(IBM Fellow) and attended the Panel Discussion: ‘Diversity and Inclusion in STEM’ which had speakers like Manager Baffour, CEO and Founder of Getronics Danny Guillory, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at DropBox Jennifer Breslin, Founder of Futuristas Jeffery Reid, Vice President, Head of Genome Informatics and Data Engineering at Regeneron Seema Kumar, Vice President Innovation, Global Health and Science Policy Communication at Johnson & Johnson. The summit was a productive event.

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New Innings 🔥

Hey folks..yes I’m Alive!

So I am glad to share that in my ‘blogging sabbatical’ much things have happened in my life!

I am now a member of the prestigious ‘The Junior Academy”.

The Junior Academy is an elite group of problem solvers made up of talented students, STEM experts, and companies around the world dedicated to designing innovative solutions to global challenges.

It is associated with New York Academy Of Sciences and being accepted into this society is a huge honour for me!

Here in you need to participate in various challenges/projects and find sustainable solutions.

Students develop advanced research, innovation,

and collaboration skills with best-in-class

learning resources and leverage these skills to

compete in challenges sponsored by industry-

leading companies.

We work for the betterment for the following fields using STEM.

  • Nutrition,
  • Agriculture
  • Food Systems
  • Public Health 
  • Water, Sanitation,
  • Hygiene
  • Sustainability and
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Biodiversity
  • Space Education
  • Equity Emerging
  • Technologies
  • Economic Development 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Security 
  • Resilience

I urge folks to join The Junior Academy as a mentor or mentee if you have a passion for STEM.

Here’s the link-

I am also selected for  KWHS Global Investment Challenge. So here my love for Economics comes!
The Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) Investment Competition is a free, global, online investment simulation for high school students(9th to 12th grade) and teachers.

Students learn about teamwork, communication, risk,diversification, company analysis, industry analysis and investing teams consist of four to seven students, and classes can have several competing teams;

student-led investment clubs and home- schooled teams are also encouraged to participate. 

Each team manages a portfolio of $100,000 in virtual cash over the course of 10 weeks using Wharton’s online trading and investment simulator (OTIS).

Courtesy- Respective Websites 

Much more activities are going on but I gave a sneak into them just because I want to make you guys aware what I am upto these days!

If you’ve any experience to share or have any ideas which you want to share related to the above mentioned things or solutions for a better future…

Please mail it to-

I am waiting!
Life is now full of various responsibilities and with great power comes great responsibilities.

I wish I am able to do them amazingly!

Wish me luck.Need your support always!!

May love,peace, prosperity prevail in our lives!

Till then

Meraki Forever
P.S. Just chalked out some of my artworks..

Thanks for bearing with them!

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Raise Your Hands,Potterheads!

Collaborations Welcome..Contact-

Well..everyone loves Harry Potter..but those who don’t know Harry Potter..well..have a clue…get to delve in it the next moment!

 It embarks on a journey of a boy named Harry Potter who lives with his uncle and aunt,because he was an orphan whose parents were murdered by ‘you-know-who’.

  They ill-treat him because he is a wizard and they are muggles(non-wizard).He only gets to know about his identity when he turns into a 10 year old and he goes to the school of Wizadry,Hogwarts and embarks on adventures and meets his best friends,Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and nevertheless his nemesis Draco Malfoy.

But his biggest enemy was the murderer of his parents-Voldemort.
It is truly a beautiful portrayal of an amazing bond between the characters who have been in the series starting from their childhood till they became adults.

I stumbled upon some funny detention letter for Sirius Black☝☝

I have shared some beautiful shots from Google +.

It is a series which will be etched on our hearts forever.It is a perfect blend for love,magic,wizardry,friendship, and trust and twists.

Relationships have been given much importance. Whether it is an equation between teacher-student(harry with dumbledore,minerva mconagull,professor Lupin etc)..the best friends,and his guardian Hagrid.

I truly loved Professor Snape’s part.He was shown as an antagonist from the starting..but in the end he turned out to be a wellwisher for Harry..

I’ll always remember Harry Potter because I’ve grown with it.

Do share your stories and experiences, Potterheads..Cheers to all the potterheads…#WeloveHarryPotter❤❤

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So..I am sharing my first ever collaboration with my one of the sweetest and dearest blogger Shreya Jindal as part of


Check out Shreya Jindal’s blog and follow..


Share her posts❤❤❤

We have exchanged questions between us which was Shreya’s idea to get ourselves knowing more of each other.A lot of e-mails and chats have finally given us this beautiful questionnaire❤❤

Rida’s Questions For Shreya❤

Q.1. Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

Hmm.. A long term though to think. And I really cannot guess.

Q.2. Which areas of interest do grab your attention? What is the profession you are going to pursue?

I want to master up in everything and I guess anything can grab my attention easily. Its the music, especially Sufi and Korean pop. Then comes dance, sports, a meeting with a well developed business personality or any other co-curriculars I might be unaware of.

Q.3. What you think about the pressure of exams on children/high expectations?

Hahaa. This is actually a question for our age group. Well next year board exams, it’s really over-pressurising to think of it. More than the child’s expectations itself, parents or the relatives repeatedly insist child to bring full marks ignoring the capability of the child which is even more pressurising.😅😂

Q.4. Your views on pop culture? Who you like the most?

Oh’ something which attracts me like flowers do to bees. Hahaa. I love pop endlessly. I love Korean pop groups or even individual singers do work like Jonghuyn, black queens, red velvet and I can go on endlessly. Some Sufi pops I love are Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ustaad Nazeer Ahmed Gustaki and again the list is endless.

Q.5. What are your thoughts on school life? Changes and challenges you have faced.

Ok, I always used to think that college is more interesting and hardly any pressure of exams but whenever I talk to my brother he  says that school life is the best part. Is it?

And somehow I realized this during the farewell of 10th grade bid by 9th grade students. They were crying horribly and now its hard to think how 11 years passed in this school with these mates.

As such if we talk about challenges school is all about facing challenges I guess. But that’s what makes us capable enough to face even more blasting-challenging life ahead. In nutshell I love school but do wait for the college.:P;-)🎒 🏫 ^_~

Shreya’s Questions For Rida ❤

Q6:- What is your biggest pet peeve?

I can see all the fakeness and I know the reality of a person.. And the rest of world’s like- “He’s a true gem!!” I don’t know why that happens.
2)People doing discrimination and backbiting. If you have the guts,say on the face darn!!

Q7:- Something about yourself and your birth place?

I am a high school student.Books are my love..Singing is my soul.

Technology ,Science, And Computers make me go waka-waka.I am a music lover

I love speaking.. Talking to people..sharing intellectual talks…and I love food.

As for my birthplace.. I consider it India and I can do anything for my nation.

Q8:- Night owl or an early bird?

I have always been an early bird.Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

I can wake up only till 12:00 a.m. if it is exam time.

Q8:- views on try friendship. Does it ever exist?

I don’t know about that and I am not the best person to answer that.Whenever I’ve been friends with anyone.. They have turned out to be the worst..nor I haven’t found anyone who is really a good friend.. It’s a complicated issue for me.

Q9:- The stream you are going to pursue after your 10th. If decided. Will you take what your parents pressurise you to or will you follow what your dreams demand?

My parents don’t pressurise me a bit.I am lucky in that part.I am gonna pursue whatever life holds for me..We should follow our dreams..Technology and Science are my preferred field❤❤

Q10:- Want to be a king of all trades or practice one thing professionally?

Look…now that is a professional question. Everyone pursues one profession only which is there to survive you.But,then there are no limitations of what you can explore in different spheres.I don’t want to keep my brain clogged with specific knowledge.. It is always open..and maybe I can use other talents to make something big in life.

Thank you so much Shreya…It was lovely to have a collaboration with you..I truly loved doing it with you.. checkout-

(If you too want a collaboration..)

Email at-

Or..write your email in the comments❤