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Don’t Hate,Appreciate Award

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

 The purpose of the award is to spread positivity. Positivity is what I am. I thank Winny ma’am for making me delve into this beautiful concept and after I got more interested in it,it was truly so sweet of her,that she personally nominated me for this.(after all she is a lovely mother of two).

 She mentioned in her post to #spreadthelove and here I am spreading optimism around❤

This award was started by Srijan. He noticed the negativity going around and thought of an award that will spread positive vibes. Therefore, if you are nominated please spread it around to make this world a better place.


1) Mention the rules!
2) Start with one very inspiring, positive yet beautiful quote!
3) Mention the name of the creator, which is the person who has nominated you. I repeat the person who has nominated you. And so in this way, everyone will be a creator of this blog, at least once!
4) Write a short poem for the person who nominated you.
5) Nominate any 8 bloggers and let them know that they are nominated!
6) Tell us a short beautiful story, be it imaginative or practical. (100-150 words)
7) Ask 3 questions.
8) Don’t hate, appreciate.

Poem for Winny

Winny,Oh what a beautiful name,

Mine and her thoughts are,

Just so same.

Such a wonderful blogger who came,

With a positive hue,

Reminding me of Winnie the Pooh,

Who’s always happy,

And around him,

Nothing’s blue.

Winny’s also like him,

With Amazing posts,making it fun,

Making my visage glow like sun,

Cheering up everyone.

She’s a sweet mother,

And when I read her blog,

I feel I have,

 About nothing to bother.

I tell you all,

To visit her blog, 

And delve into her posts 

Like a hog!

I nominate you all👇

  • Bethanyk
  • Oveeloadedemotions
  • Ellen
  • Parth Agarwal
  • Jayshree Solanki
  • Sanoberkhan
  • Ssameera:)
  • Jokerswild
  • Bravingmentalillness
  • Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie
  • Heartsinink

….Please spread the good vibes❤The nomination is open to anyone who would love to #spreadthelove

Short story

The Relief For Pain…

(This belongs to the refugees who were victims of chemical blast in Syria who wanted to get rid of the DIRT)

When I reached there I saw a smiling boy and a giggling girl. Both were toddlers enlightning the surrounding with their joyful presence.

Hordes of people sat around with the children murmuring.Some people chuckling around the ground. It was home to hundreds of jewels in the dark.Melancholy coated their life with the shadow of plight.

With a cut on his head and a limping foot,my 3 year old son ,Zaid,came running to me. I was sitting just coming back after fetching food packets for which hundreds thronged,almost pinning me down on earth.Zaid,with anguish in his swollen eyes asked, “Ma, I want some water.I am not feeling good. I am feeling itchy,maaaaaaa!!!”

Whenever he used to groan in pain ,my dear, he used to shout Maaaaaa….and clutch me with his weak hands.

Our community usually dealt with hunger pangs and were being trapped by the militants. If we could not flee to any other place,every one of us has to face , the face of death and has to come under their knives and get slaughtered.

 Fumes came before my eyes. My son still clutched to me making me feel helpless as I couldn’t reach to any medical aid.

If I dared to get out of the shanty, I may be shot to death. The chemical gas blast has brought doom before my eyes. Militants have dispersed the poisonous gases to make us flee.

Yes, they were successful in their mission.

 All the children of the refugees and some malnourished women fled with their souls.

 My Zaid also was now at peace without pain with his hands dangling around my shoulders

Here are my answers to Winny’s questions:

1. What inspires you in life?(answer to my dearest friend Shreya too!!)

Anything that has a good quality in them.I’ve started seeing great qualities in people and attracted more to optimism.My inspiration lies in everything which is God’s gift and am not bounded to make someone my idol… because except God and Prophet (PBUH),no one is perfect.Although Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam is one true gem who gets me going..

2. Do you believe in humanity? Why?

Humanity is still alive…I sometimes doubt this fact,but when I meet good people like you, it seems to me that humanity does exist otherwise we would not have been breathing❤

3. Do you believe in Karma? Please explain.

Me as a science lover,take that,Boomerang will give you my answer❤

Here are my questions:

“Can you judge who is the better person out of these three?Why you chose them?

        Mr A

  • 1. He had friendship with bad politicians
  • 2. He consulted astrologers
  • 3. He had two wives
  • 4. He was a chain smoker
  • 5. He took alcohol eight to 10 times a day

          Mr B

  • 1. He was kicked out of office twice
  • 2. He would sleep from morning till noon
  • 3. He used opium in college 
  • 4. He drunk whiskey every evening

           Mr C

  • 1. He was a decorated war hero 
  • 2. He was a vegetarian 
  • 3. He never smoked 
  • 4. He never took alcohol   
  • 5. He never cheated on his wife
  • 6. He was a painter 

“Don’t hate, Appreciate”

Positive vibes only.




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Catharsis 2k18(Part-1)

        Cheers to the WordPress family.                               🎉🎇🎆 

Happy New Year….

As Meraki Forever steps in 2k18,It is a privilege to let myself flow in my blog,with which every person can connect to and feel the beauty by being a part of this beautiful series as I present you all with-

              CATHARSIS-2018(Part 1)

          (Forgive me if you hate my                              novice art)😝

So , what is actually catharsis?

A release of emotional tension after an overwhelming vicarious experience, resulting in the purging or purification of the emotions is known as catharsis and so it goes on to be the title of my series to kick start the New Year and nothing better could have been the title of this series.

Moving on… I stumbled upon a new word which is-Schadenfreude……being happy at other’s misfortune.How negative is this word!.

But,I guess everyone of us has met a classic case of Schadenfreude.So,how much you react to these kind of people who are say….celebrating other’s troubles… Do let me know in the comments section!

 I believe writing gives you a new life..and here I am leaping into the new year with great optimism and zest.Year 2017….phew!!… A year full of ups and downs…I hadn’t seen such a roller coaster ride of an year. Everyday was like a war..and I am reminded the lines of the song ‘Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hain’ which translates into ‘Life is like a war on every new step of your life’.

I have gone through the darkest of days..and yes I will say hell was a heartbreak away.(Sorry,JB..But,in my case heaven was not a heartbreak away!)I have always communicated through my poems and other writings, but here I am presenting a series,with which every sensitive human being could relate with and have a hope for a better tomorrow. 

We are always like cursing that why we have to go through all sorts of troubles and why not others. My mom says that blessed are the ones whose faults and mistakes are caught at the very first time or their wrongdoings couldn’t be hidden for long and people whose faults are always overlooked.. God save them!!!

I agree that what I have become today after all the life sucking episodes , has certainly changed me as a human.
❤I always wanted to have a conversation with a psychologist,  but when the chance to do so..I yelled , “I don’t need one.I can help myself with the blessings of GOD”
I had gone through a tough time…nevertheless to say.. the most blackest of days. Forgive me God…It was not something misfortunate or something.

It was a learning phase..a phase every being goes through..The earlier the better.

Here are some of my works….more to come…decipher the symbolism within..❤

Indian Mural Art

Hatching technique

Flowing in art is just so soothing… Try it peeps❤

Some smudging technique❤
A temple composition
Beautiful mehandi art..A prevalent trend to decorate hands and feet with henna
Some candid collage making
Modern Art..Wings of Passion

More to come folks….Till then wait for Catharsis 2k18(part-2)….❤

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Sunshine Blogger Award

So,here I am once again folks.Its been a long time and I am glad that I have received a lovely token of love from a dear blogger Shekhar Sharma in the mean time who has some amazing tricks of weaving some good stuff under his sleeves. I extend my love to all the readers and this time




Do you prefer summer or winter ?

Ha…Ha…I love all the seasons.. Significance is there of every season.. But I am partial to spring… Symbolises new beginning and a new year for me..(My birthday falls in this time of year😁)

Who is that one person who always makes you happy?

I have to give that for my mom.She makes my love.Either I make myself or break myself , courtesy is always her.

What is the sunshine in your life?

That I am living.Breathing with the blessings of God

Who is your favourite singer?

Well,everyday is new and I believe singers have their own talent but I’ll give it for Shakira,she’s powerful, sort of empowering and Cheb Khaled’s song are making me go WOW!!!Lovely songs he sings ❤❤

What is one thing you love about your blog?

It reflects my readers…they are my power…my driving source

What is your comfy food?

Mom’s food..Whatever she feeds me


Chocolate and Cheese are my souls.

What is the name of the author you got impressed with?

Man,I have to give it to Tess Gerritsen!!.She’s truly killing it and I extend my love to all the authors I’ve read..Ruskin Bond’s a good read too..

Who is your sunshine in your heart?

First God,then the prophet (PBUH),and my family.

What is your favorite series?

I have to give it to Humsafar(I love Pakistani Dramas ❤❤)

Breaking Bad is another good shot❤

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

I Dream Of Jeannie

Hannah Montana❤

What is the one movie that holds your breath?

Bahubali❤1 and 2

Had a reference👇

Waiting for your answers.I throw back the same questions on you❤❤

Meraki Forever

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You are my learning❤

​If I am asked that what does nature teach me? My answer in a word would be-Everything.


From discoveries like falling of an apple on Newton, which made him discover gravity or the invention of the airplane by the Wright brothers , where they saw a bird flying high up in the sky, history is evidence that, in this classroom of world, Nature has always been the teacher and the mankind, her student.

I was sitting in my verandah staring at sky. It was covered with darkest of clouds. It felt that melancholy has prevailed.However; soon the droplets of rain showered and washed away the glumness. The thundering was soon stopped and the clouds vanished. The rain proved its might and brought down the rays of sunshine and gave birth to a rainbow epitomizing hues of triumph. Nothing in life could be achieved till you get through darkness. This is what Nature made me learn.

In this rat-race of life, humans may have tended to forget to connect to their power source. A plant has life instilled in it only till it is connected to its roots. Todays earthlings need to establish a deep connection with nature in order to understand the essence of life or else we are nothing but lifeless greedy humans.

Nature is like a mother, with a sterling heart, who blesses us with all the basic living needs.              Ages have passed and nature has always been the giver. From Stone Age, where humans used to hunt down animals for food to this date, where we have engulfed the forests in the inferno of desires to built settlements, nature has never made us feel that- we owe her a lot.

When I was small, I loved building blocks. However when the pieces didnt fit in, I got irritated. My mother then, used to built all the blocks and I used to put the last piece and shriek-Yes, Ive done it!  Nature also does everything for us and leaves a bit of it to accomplish and conquer.      But, today we are thinking ourselves as most superior. 

However, a mother also needs to scold her child in order to rectify the mistakes. Natural disasters symbolize this fury of nature. To whatever heights we achieve, she makes us remember that our lives are frail and susceptible to the unknown dangers. Devastation couldnt be turned away by the civilized ones. With modern technology, Humans can make disasters abide, but not prevent entirely.

When rain occurs and fills inside the pores of soil, it provides groundwater which saves water for future use. She teaches the way of living life by planting the seeds of perseverance, just like the firmness of mountains and the flowing of streams which never stops. We should adopt the lessons for future by learning the value of saving and conservation.

 Ants and bees decipher the lost secret of discipline and immense hardwork in our lives. Everything they do, they do it together. Learning unity from them also comes important at this time when the nations are busy in fighting within themselves and are making humanity insignificant in this time of riots and attacks. We have to be united in order to conquer the circumstances.

In the night, the stage is set for the darkness, but nature takes us from the blanket of shadows to her lap of bright daylight.

The mud is seen as something dirty and something to wipe off. However, when the droplets of rain fall on it, this earthy smell known as petrichor arises which changes our mindset regarding the dirt and makes it suitable for incense sticks and fragrance.

Nature has her own way of making everything beautiful. We too need to wet ourselves in the rain of awareness in order to spread the scent of love for nature.

All the advancements in the fields of life have taken inspiration from nature whether its the greatest literary work or the finest collection of poems because everything in the course of our life is natural, but this time we need to hold the finger of nature and pave way for a sustainable future and thank Mother in our own little way. 

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The Known Secret….

Hey… What’s that SECRET?!?!….

Check out @Meraki Forever…

The cat is now out of the bag…❤❤

I always wake up, before the sun ascends above the horizon.

Because I just love to see the, rising sun 

Which symbolizes the new foundation.

But, the serenity doesn’t last long.

 Stuck in the age, where a new day is not a song.

The honking and bustling are the new wake-up sounds

 Rather than the chirps of birds flying around.
  Living in a concrete jungle

 Running in a rat race

Are busy bees solving the life’s maze

Wants to have the wisdom of an owl,

 Lion’s pride and power and his fierce growl

Want to be precious and have wealth

 Want to have all the qualities

Under the belt.

I am a inhabitant here in this jungle.
When I was in kindergarten, 

I always remember myself watering the garden 

With the water left in my bottle.

I didn’t even had this frame of mind 

Those small deeds can help conservation unwind

The thoughts of conservation was instilled

 In the chambers of my mind and heart from my kin 

And now I understand its significance.
I believe childhood is the golden epoch

 Where ethical education masters the human oak

 Seeds need to be sown at the roots of life

 To have the fruit of achievement and end strife


Nature has always blessed us with divine love 

 And we have disrespected her in return 

Only to shove her love

We are no one who can even think of destroying environment,

 But are disregarding Earth by being self-centered.

It is time we need regard for the revered.

The concrete solution can be done 

Only until this aim is reached 

Otherwise no form of learning 

Can enlighten the budding seeds,

Plagued and compounded by the ignorance of basic awareness,

 Today’s earthlings need to live in the conscience

 And unearth the asset to overcome unrest 

Being a part of this interlude

 Became significant for me 

As it portrayed the future of us.
We have harnessed the era 

And have become so obsessed with the aura.

 I feel education has ability 

That can help perceive the truth 

By diminishing the myth

 Which paves way for a better fruit. 

We could take advantage of modern technological growth 

And clear misconceptions regarding the modern node.
Still what do we need?

 Unbiased education, I guess, is the need

To be tolerant and united which will work 

To preserve ethnic diversity,

 Promote moral principles without lurk,
 Literacy addresses nearly every social issue

Now is the time that we learn with supportive hues

It’ll help encourage universal respect for

 Justice, laws, human rights, and vanish the blues. 
On a local and global scale

Education is synonymous with grades and competition.

Students have a hectic schedule 

Where balancing studies with activities is a herculean task! 
But, books only don’t teach us the world

 Because true education lies in the old’s shelters

There is always a light of guidance from our elders.

It should be taken seriously to avoid blunders.
All of us wish to be an inspiration

God has blessed us with the weapon of education 

Through which we can transform 

And lead ourselves towards transformation.

Education is an humanitarian act.

It is against all wars and malicious tact

I look forward myself as a quintessence of egalitarianism 

As the one who promotes education as a necessity of life

And urge you to be a part of it

And be the one

Who is willing to work for a better future to end the strife.


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An Ode From A Daughter To All M🌼ms

​Mothers are like candles who burn themselves to shower their light of guidance, love and care.But, are we also loving her unconditionally?

She sat alone on the chair,

Letting it down was her hair,

She was present in front of the eyes,

But truly was she there?

The lady who was always lustering bright,

Today why the mother was quiet?

Tumbled over the thought that something was not right,

What was troubling mother from day until night?

Has something gone wrong,

Or did she listen to someone’s sad song.

Lost in her thoughts, she looked at the sight,

Why the mother was quiet?

Couldn’t control the curious mind,

What happened wrong couldn’t find.

Suddenly the eyes grew wide,

There was something to confide.

Not good in the deeds,

In a moment, the life felt like scattered in beads.

How couldn’t it be realized,

That life was not at all mesmerized.

The moment, got to know, there was a blunder,
Now there was nothing to wonder,

Went; stood near her,

Gave the warmest hug to the dear.

She looked at me; I looked at her,

She didn’t say a word, nor did I utter.

That moment sparked a light in life.

Now the secret unfolds,

That why the mother was quiet.


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Got it published in Hindustan Times.Check out link-

Proudly the conqueror comes

With a thumping sound of drums

And there goes his fame

Making everyone acclaim

That he is the most just

But looking at the sky

With the supreme power residing high 

How insignificant is this dust.

Gracefully the blessed soul comes

Behold his spiritual style

Covering his hidden guile

Poised with his calm grace

Ready to shower his blessing

On the human race

But looking at the sky

With the supreme power residing high 

How insignificant is this dust.

Holding his head high

The dauntless warrior comes

Making the damsels sigh

Everybody welcomed him with rum and plums

He came after a fierce battle

Hordes of people followed him like cattle

Proving his valor

His tales of bravery are in galore

He slashed the throats sitting on the saddle

Looking at the sky

With the supreme power residing high 

How insignificant is this dust.

From ages, this philosophy comes

The supreme is the one

With whom the roll of drums

Making every thing around shun

Looking at the sky

With the supreme power residing high 

How insignificant is this dust.

He bows down, she forgets her frown

When he delves into your soul

Making you lose control

The highest is his will

Without boasting,he remains still

He looks at this world with a deep sigh.

The victor comes with no realize.

Looking at the sky

With the supreme power residing high 

How insignificant is this dust.

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Liebster Award 2k17

Delving Deep I Am..And here goes my award..Honoured With Liebster Award…

I had been nominated for this award by a wonderful blogger who does not wished to be named.I would have loved to share about his blog to you all..but he believes that magic lies in anonymity and thats what I love about him. 

My nominees-

  • AyushPanwar
  • My Dear Rasgulla@Srijan Gupta
  • LostSoul-Brokenheartwrites
  • 💀
  • Festenstein
  • Indishe
  • Jayshree
  • Aakriti405
  • Supravat1955
  • Sulaiman Hafeez
  • Silly Shruti
  • Ayush Anand
  • Blogging_With_Bojana
  • Timbushifamilyblog
  • Restlessjo
  • Am breaking the rules and adding three of my dear ones.
  • Panchali Dass
  • Yoly
  • Lulu_Chan

 I’m really honored that he thought me eligible for the award.


  1. Answer the questions that were left for you
  2. Nominate your favourite new bloggers.(not more than 15!)
  3. Write 7 questions for them to answer.
  4. Add all the rules and be honest with your answers!

A.D’s Questions

1. What book are you reading now?

Its one of the most intriguing books I have come across by one of tye finest writers of India , Shobhaa Dé.

Its Superstar India-From Incredible To Unstoppable.

Its a wonderful read.You can checkout the review here by Goodreads👇

2. What reading has disturbed you?

Reading newspapers. They shake me from within. I read such unimaginable reports that I start being in a dilemma that does humanity exist ?

I am much happier when I better not go through them because I delve deep and inspiring news are very less in them.

3. What is your favourite way to read? Audiobook? eBook? Kindle? Hardcover? 

Its definitely a yes for Hardcover.. Old school but so own.

4. What is your favourite colour?

What significance does it hold for you?

I love all colours…

But Mauve leads the way.

Its mystic and its sensuous.I love the way it blooms with a sense of a beautiful secret .

5. Do you believe time is running fast?

We really don’t get it when, because it’s too fast! I have listened to many lectures saying that give time to yourself.

But, when I hear them say this, the first thought that travels to my heart

 is when will the time I will get to see at myself?

It’s quite astonishing, but still everyone’s time is scampering away from their lives. The time which could have been used for something better. We may be, at the back of our mind want to change ourselves but we aren’t able to because it’s now been a natural phenomena and we have become habitual to the wastage of time.We could not implement it in our lives. We are tangled in today’s fast world! 

6.What are your views on life?

“In the end, the years in your life do not count, but the life in the years count.” A very well and an absolutely true quotation; indeed by a very famous personality, Abraham Lincoln, the 13th President of U.S.A. But, we are totally going opposite to it.The people, they see the years, not that how they spend it. Even a life which may have expired young but has been  lived to the fullest , fulfilling that mission of being human is a life worth spent.It may be showered with obstacles, but in the end the human dies in peace and so rests in tranquility and who could be a better example than our very own Lady Diana , the lady who lived life to its true meaning. 

7.What do you think we should do to get out of this rat race in life?

So,  till now you may have got my point. The life shouldn’t be long, it should be big and to make it large…huge…Yes! The time should be utilized properly. With my observation, the best way to balance and equalize the time, meditation is very much important. It helps you to think much deeper. You just have to take some minutes of your day to do this and it will help you in the long run. If you will relax your mind, then it could enrich you automatically. It is even a very nice method to solve your problems and if you do this, you will find tour self delving deep into the innermost chambers of your heart and realizing the eternal self.Today everybody is in a rat race and it becomes really important at this juncture that we spend quality times with our near and dear ones.So respect time. Each moment of your precious life is priceless because if the time is wasted, then it would be like injuries to which we will have no other way then to succumb because the time has already gone! According to Hindu mythology ,it is said that after 84 lakh births as different species, life is attained. So it would be highly ridiculous to fritter away the precious time of one’s life in pursuit of transitory things of the world. So save time! Utilize the most of your life. Live every moment. Every second. This won’t come back again! Delve into your valued time. Because always remember ……..

‘Past is history,Tomorrow is a mystery

Present is the time going on,that is why it is known as PRESENT.(gift)!!



     My Questions.

  • What do you thinks a person with no friends should do  even if he had tried hard making them?                  
  • You are given a chance to spend a day with your muse.Who and Why?!
  • Your dream destination and with whom?
  • Your views on growing technology , growing boundaries.
  • Pressure makes a person better.For or Against?
  • How will you manage a person who is most irritating but still can’t be ignored.
  • Given a choice , which will you choose.(any 1)
  1. Blue Pill-Invisiblity
  2. Green Pill-Back into time
  3. Red Pill-Reading other’s mind
  4. Yellow Pill-Power Of Oblivating Memories Of People     
  5. Pink Pill- Power of Making a philter or say..a potion which makes the drinker fall in love with your aura            


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    That Fight For Peace

    ​In The History Of Hindu Mythology, Ravana, The Demon King Was Killed By Unity Which Symbolized That Good Alone Triumphs Over Evil And thus, Prevailed Peace And Harmony. But After Centuries, Is The Ravana Truly Dead…Or Is He Still Alive? Do We Still Have To Fight For Peace?

    Checkout @Voices Of Youth

                THE FIGHT FOR PEACE

    Ravana died; came the light,
    In the history of world, an antagonist died.
    But, did all the evils hide,
    To make my world look like a pious bride?
    Have I got the world of my dreams?

    Where the wind was blowing,
    The water in the rivers was flowing,
    I could see some children ploughing.
    They were the treasures of God,
    Ragged in clothes, stood amidst some rods.

    Their feet were dusty, their faces looked rusty,
    Her hair was brown, his face was dusky,
    Working in the scorching sunrays of the sun,
    Standing barefoot, how could they survive?
    If I would have been there, I could have run.
    Were they not blessed by God’s blessings,
    The little boys and girls were poor orphans.

    I couldn’t imagine the lives they lived,
    They also lived in a city which was so urban.
    Metropolis is so modernized and well-equipped, I heard,
    But seeing the condition I was so disturbed.

    They were all child laborers,
    Who worked for people, truly they were murderers.
    They snatched the happiness out of their lives,
    And killed their childhood with sharp knives.
    They ruined their lives with ease.

    We need to fight for peace,
    As the battle has just begun.

    My Mother World, I have a question,
    In the chambers of my heart,
    Will this be the condition of the human race?
    Oh! Mother World,
    Think of those who do odd errands,
    All with their little hands,
    Their lives just run like sand,
    So, this thing strikes my mind often,
    That has the Ravana truly died?

    Mother World tell me,
    Who says the Ravana has died?
    He is still in those who kill the girl child,
    And vanquish the epitome of beauty and valor,
    Are they pariah or will they imprecate!
    Jewels, don’t know why these iniquitous hate.
    They ruined their lives with ease.
    We need to fight for peace
    As the battle has just begun.

    He is still in those who turn wild and unkind,
    He betrays; he cheats; he knows how to turn out,
    The lights of the lives.
    He is the one, who creates rifts,
    Among the people on basis of caste, color or creed,
    And this leads to the insurgence, which snatches,
    The innocent sons of the humanity.

    He has no space for love and creates mistrust,
    You don’t know him, but he is the one, who,
    Wears the mask of a great sage,
    But leaves the innocent tormented in a locked cage.
    They ruined their lives with ease.

    We need to fight for peace,
    As the battle has just begun.

    Mother World tell me,
    Who says the Ravana has died,
    He lives within us and creates rage in us,
    Delves into our minds, our bodies rust,
    And by slaughtering our inner souls, leaves us pierced in holes. 

    There is intolerance and prejudice,
    Which gets injected in all of ours’ veins,
    And by showing his might,
    Ravana proves that he has not died.

    Truth alone triumphs is a true saying,
    But don’t you think realities are decaying.
    Is the Ravana truly dead?
    I think it’s a myth,
    Because the throat of love is slit.
    Is the existence of Ravana truly denied?
    Mother World tell me, 
    Who says the Ravana has died?

    But my Mother World will conquer the malevolence,
    With her strength, audacity and unanimity.
    She says her destiny is written with the intrepidity of the rising progeny
    And not by the hands of agony.
    This is the battle against the terror prevailing as insanity.

    And yes, in my dreams, I see the children,
    Inscribing the future of the human race.
    I see that in the land of harmony,
    The crimes just vanished and the golden birds emerged,
    As a quintessence of tranquility and serenity.
    The weapons of this war
    Are unity and amity.
    We have to be ready, soldiers,
    As the enemy is not so far.
    They ruined their lives with ease.
    We need to fight for peace
    As the battle has just begun.

    Living in a society where poverty and melancholy is an alien,
    My Mother World promised to me, 
    “My child, thee be freed of all clutches,
    You will have your dream come true,
    Soon you will have the world of your dreams,
    And the world will be no more blue.”
    They ruined their lives with ease.
    We need to fight for peace,
    As the battle has just begun.                            

     –Rida Yumn Ahmed



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    From A Lovely Soul💙

    I am so thankful @blissfulword for giving his work for my blog..#blessed


    I became aware that I noticed. I noticed what was once unoticed.

    I know this because it was always there. For it to not have been, is for me, to not be. I realized within my being, I noticed.
    More and more, degreess like levels, this game to play is to be, to be unaware is to loose. Awaken, Rise, Liberate, be free to play, and have true fun.

    To have fun is to be truly be fully aware of life and all of her glorious mystery. Lack of fun, equals lack of awareness, interm loosing, loosing life.

    Before I ever was, I Am, After I was, I remain that in which I Am.