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Rida Yumn Ahmed Girls In Science Ambassador For South Asia Speech at United Nations

#February11, 2021

Highness Princess Dr. Nisreen said, “Some people might think that me and my colleagues are dreamers. Well the International Day Of Women And Girls In Science was a dream: it started with an individual action that led to collective power being translated to have an exponential impact”.

I Rida Yumn Ahmed is honoured to share that I was selected as a speaker at the 6th International Day of
Women & Girls in Science Assembly with the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT) digital web-stream event at United Nations Headquarters,New York,USA.
The theme is “women scientists at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19”.
I spoke about the importance of ‘Science Diplomacy’ which is an interdisciplinary field of international relations and science that seeks to solve our global challenges and achieve sustainable development goals by collaboration across borders and between communities to maintain tranquility.
Being the Girls In Science Ambassador For South Asia and as a STEMinist, I think that more girls should be a part of STEM to close the gap.

I’ve been the part of the platform since October 2020 and during this tenure,it has been an incredible journey so far.
I attended the ‘International Day Of The Girl Child’ meeting and loved talking to inspiring women.
I moderated along with a few of my colleagues ,the panel with H.E. Helena Dalli, the European Commissioner of Equality, and learned more about Malta’s culture,sociology, art, and sustainable development ,the role of science in politics and the economy,women’s participation in politics and the importance of diplomacy.
I contributed to the #WritingBrailleInScience(In fulfillment of RASIT’s commitment to the 2030 Development Agenda, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the 6th Assembly featured for the first time “Our Blind Fellow Scientists”, through a High-level Panel titled “Writing Science in Braille”) and the #ValueVeda(teacher appreciation) initiative.
I’ve co-authored a chapter in the upcoming #February11 book on “Bridging The Digital Divide”(more details shortly).
I’m honoured to be a part of such a prestigious platform and I wish to deliver to the best of my capacities by spreading the word about the mission of Girls In Science and representing it’s values and foundation.

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Watch “Meet A Local | Rida from India” on YouTube

I was invited by Learn Around The World,a USA based non profit organization in partnership with Project Exchange to host a virtual field trip to India. It was a fun experience hosting it. Their mission is to promote global awareness and digital citizenship to students and the general public. They accomplish this by offering location-based programming streamed directly in the form of virtual field trips. It was a productive experience for the explorers as they learned about India and its beauty. Check it out here

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Just Because…

A STEREOTYPE is a popular idea about a group of people.

Just Because poems should be personal and fight against
stereotypes you may have encountered personally or have seen.

It could have to do with gender, race,
height, background or anything else. Try to challenge the false ideas people might have about you.

Just because I’m a girl

Doesn’t mean I can’t lead

Doesn’t mean I need to be submissive

And doesn’t mean I need to change myself completely to prove my affection

Just because I’m vocal

Doesn’t mean I am stubborn

Doesn’t mean I am wild and reckless

And doesn’t mean I’m inherently a rebel

Just because I’m ambitious

Doesn’t mean I don’t have any emotions

Doesn’t mean I can’t be homely and adaptive

And doesn’t mean I don’t care about relationships

Why do people judge those
Who don’t follow the masses
Who take the path less travelled by..
Why can’t people accept that it’s okay not to follow societal norms
When will everybody unite and accept each other’s differences

When will be the dawn of a new era?

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The Search Ends

In the beginning of days
Awakening from the shambles,he lays
In the search of the elixir
And now came this time
Of the closure.

A realisation of reality
The truth which can never be forgotten
Like the petrichor in its utmost purity
He finally abandoned the wagon

The tale starts here..

There is one thing,one thing
In everyone’s life, which can sting
A piece of puzzle required to complete
And to give the polish to the jewels, make them neat

He had delved deep, really deep
Into the deepest chambers, every corner adorned with his peep
Lost in the lines, without which are useless these fingers

When you swim through the water
He pondered with his glistening stones
All he could see was an otter
A curious combination of earth and water ,he moans

Earth known for its stability and strength
He had found the piece,after going to this length
Water which is adjustable and changeable.
He completed his puzzle, and couldn’t believe all this could be attainable

The piece who’s search was from an age
He believed it was the blessing of a sage
Like the quasars, shone his visage
Unknown of the fact it was just a mirage

Was the piece, which was longed for
Really completing his circle of life
How come the piece has become an inferno
Now the otter was an object of abhor

Realisation was late,but not in vain
This pain made him gain
The awareness of the fact
That the last piece to the tract
Was nowhere,but in his heart

He realised the last piece
Was his end of search for the last piece
The realisation brought a scene in front of his eyes
Where he saw the fingers get adorned with the lines.

Awakening from the shambles,he lays
Not in the search of elixir
And now came this time of closure.

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Global STEM Alliance

India is brimming with pride as Rida Yumn Ahmed of class XI-A of JKG International School got honoured by ‘The New York Academy Of Sciences’ by being bestowed with ‘Distinguished Student Award’ and also being invited for a Global STEM Alliance Summit which had students from 37 countries. Rida attended the three day Annual Global STEM Alliance (GSA) Summit, dedicated to building a global community of science and technology leaders at the headquarters of NYAS at World Trade Centre, New York. Rida networked amongst peers, mentors, and professionals and developed cross-cultural communication skills and interacted with STEM professionals from leading companies and universities. The agenda for the summit was as follows: Wednesday, July 24th Rida had the honour of meeting Mr.Ellis Rubenstein (President and CEO of NYAS) and Ms.Aissata Camara(Mayor’s office for international affairs) who focussed on the UN SDG’s. She attended a workshop on “Interface of science and policy” which had the following speakers: Mr. Donovan Guttieres, UN Major Group for Children & Youth Mr. Ricardo de Guimarães Pinto, Liaison Officer to the United Nations at UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Dr. Chantal Line Carpentier, Chief of UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) New York Office Dr. Teresa Stoepler, Executive Director of the InterAcademy Partnership (Policy) and Member of the Global Young Academy Later she explored neuroscience by using EEG to examine brainwaves by New York University hosted by NYU Brainwaves and met her mentors. Global STEM Alliance Summit Memories *Thursday, July 25th* Attended a workshop “Young Innovator in Science” by Dr. Shruti Naik,researcher in New York University. Went to Verizon’s 5G Lab to unlock new use cases and prototypes using 5G technology. (Amazing Experience) There was Film Screening of ‘Madam Mars’, a project that reframes the story of space exploration as a feminist issue, Followed by a Q&A with Writer and Director, Jan Millsapps, Ph.D In the GSA Open House and Evening Reception,met professionals from across the world. There was also a keynote by Kathryn Harrison, Founder and CEO of Stealth Startup (Again damn Amazing.. Blockchain..ILoveYou) *Friday, July 26th* Keynote Presentation: Ms. MiMi Aung from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory who led the team to do the first ever flight demonstration at Mars. Rida has also met Nick Donofrio(IBM Fellow) and attended the Panel Discussion: ‘Diversity and Inclusion in STEM’ which had speakers like Manager Baffour, CEO and Founder of Getronics Danny Guillory, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at DropBox Jennifer Breslin, Founder of Futuristas Jeffery Reid, Vice President, Head of Genome Informatics and Data Engineering at Regeneron Seema Kumar, Vice President Innovation, Global Health and Science Policy Communication at Johnson & Johnson. The summit was a productive event.

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STEM U Mentoring Program

Hola Everyone!

STEM sounds really fun and being a part of The Junior Academy has certainly made me evolve into some thing better.

I have made friends across the globe and interacting with them has made me experience the uniqueness of this world from the comfort of my home!!

Now, I am also a part of this STEM U programme and have become a mentee and I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity for students interested in STEM to participate in a free, online program run by our team here at the New York Academy of Sciences. The program is called STEM U Mentoring and is sponsored by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), one of the world’s top technology companies. 

By participating in STEM U Mentoring you will:

  • Be paired with a talented mentor who currently works in a STEM field, and who will offer one-to-one coaching and advice
  • Be part of a global network of peers who are highly motivated and share similar interests
  • Get access to online activities that will help you develop the 21st-century skills you need to be successful in the workplace
  • Help your resume to stand out by being part of a program run through the New York Academy of Sciences– one of the oldest and most well respected scientific societies in the US

STEM U: Click Here to Apply! 

Please use the partner code”Junior Academy” when submitting your application. 

Contact me anytime at-

I believe the young generation can do a renaissance…..all for a better future.

Come..let’s take the lead!

With Love


If you have questions about the program, contact:

Adrienne Umali, STEM U Program Manager, at


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New Innings 🔥

Hey folks..yes I’m Alive!

So I am glad to share that in my ‘blogging sabbatical’ much things have happened in my life!

I am now a member of the prestigious ‘The Junior Academy”.

The Junior Academy is an elite group of problem solvers made up of talented students, STEM experts, and companies around the world dedicated to designing innovative solutions to global challenges.

It is associated with New York Academy Of Sciences and being accepted into this society is a huge honour for me!

Here in you need to participate in various challenges/projects and find sustainable solutions.

Students develop advanced research, innovation,

and collaboration skills with best-in-class

learning resources and leverage these skills to

compete in challenges sponsored by industry-

leading companies.

We work for the betterment for the following fields using STEM.

  • Nutrition,
  • Agriculture
  • Food Systems
  • Public Health 
  • Water, Sanitation,
  • Hygiene
  • Sustainability and
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Biodiversity
  • Space Education
  • Equity Emerging
  • Technologies
  • Economic Development 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Security 
  • Resilience

I urge folks to join The Junior Academy as a mentor or mentee if you have a passion for STEM.

Here’s the link-

I am also selected for  KWHS Global Investment Challenge. So here my love for Economics comes!
The Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) Investment Competition is a free, global, online investment simulation for high school students(9th to 12th grade) and teachers.

Students learn about teamwork, communication, risk,diversification, company analysis, industry analysis and investing teams consist of four to seven students, and classes can have several competing teams;

student-led investment clubs and home- schooled teams are also encouraged to participate. 

Each team manages a portfolio of $100,000 in virtual cash over the course of 10 weeks using Wharton’s online trading and investment simulator (OTIS).

Courtesy- Respective Websites 

Much more activities are going on but I gave a sneak into them just because I want to make you guys aware what I am upto these days!

If you’ve any experience to share or have any ideas which you want to share related to the above mentioned things or solutions for a better future…

Please mail it to-

I am waiting!
Life is now full of various responsibilities and with great power comes great responsibilities.

I wish I am able to do them amazingly!

Wish me luck.Need your support always!!

May love,peace, prosperity prevail in our lives!

Till then

Meraki Forever
P.S. Just chalked out some of my artworks..

Thanks for bearing with them!