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So,what is that?!?! 

Well at Meraki is a marathon of collaborations.Come and get you and me collaborate to make an epoch-making post..and get to understand the world with our eyes❤


1)Follow my blog

2) Contact me at


Write your e-mail in the comments section to contact you back.

3) Mention if you are interested in poem,story,anecdotes, or just anything and the topic too.(In the       e-mail or in the comments section)

4) When it gets is published both on Meraki Forever and YOUR BLOG with the mentioning of-


Last date is -10 March 2018..Please do adhere by the date.

So,come along and make your voice hear.

Don’t forget your words can make a change..

Contact the next moment at-
#Put All Of You…That Is Meraki


Youth Advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals from a STEM background

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